vendredi 17 juin 2016

Audiojack - Turya (CRM164)

Recently appearing on the mighty Crosstown Rebels with a remix of Shaun J. Wright & Alinka 'Face The Truth', thought after duo Audiojack are back serving up a solid two track release in the form of 'Turya'.

'Turya' is built for serious heads down sessions fusing subtle acid pads with soaring synths and sonorous spoken words. On the flip 'Event Horizon' sits on a low slung groove as hypnotic keys fade in and out of play.

'The idea of 'Turya' came from doing a guided meditation'. Richard of the Audiojack duo explains. 'We wanted to explore whether the hypnotic quality of the teacher's words could work on the dance floor, allowing people to lose themselves in them and it's evolving groove. Seeing people dancing with their heads down and eyes closed is the perfect complement for this track. 'Event Horizon' is a different beast altogether. It came from us experimenting with a heavy drum & bass vibe, a four-four format, and a classic "amen" break beat style.'

In 2015 Audiojack launched their Sunday Social free party at Velo Club in their home of Ibiza, which after a strong season will continue this year. Their first Essential Mix recently dropped on Radio 1 and a string of highly successful releases and remixes on labels such as Hot Creations, Tsuba, 20/20Vision and their own Gruuv have solidified their place in the dance music elite. It is safe to say that 2016 is proving to be a big year for the talented duo.

1. Turya
2. Event Horizon

Released: 22/07/2016
Cat#: CRM164
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board


lundi 13 juin 2016

Dinky - Casa (CRM163)

Chilean born and berlin based Dinky has forged a solid and illustrious career over the past decade. 'Casa' announces her new album set for release on Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels this autumn, with remixes from Axel Boman and Satori.

A trained classical guitarist, singer and keyboard player that has held a DJ residency at Berlin's infamous Panorama Bar since 2004, Dinky's sixth album, also titled 'Casa' will be the first since the birth of her two children. 'Casa is an acid vocal love song. It translates as house in spanish, not because it's a house album but because it was recorded in my house in Berlin whilst I was pregnant with my second son. I had to stay home (mainly in bed) for months due to a medical risk. Those were very scary times for me and my family as we were told we could lose him. It was a such difficult journey but I decided not to get down, but to channel my energy into writing music.'

Dinky's delicate vocal on 'Casa' is both uptempo and spacious, with infusions of acid, leftfield and electronica in its veins. Axel Boman delivers a stunning, emotive and epic nine and a half minute dub version, overlaid with spoken words samples referring to lost experiences. The Swedish born producer is much-lauded for his releases on DJ Koze's Pampa, Permanent Vacation and his own imprint, Studio Barnhus, formed with Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist of Border Community. While the hedonistic take from Satori
takes 'Casa' up beyond the horizon. A future Crosstown Rebels artist, Satori  has released on 8bit Records, Under Your Skin and Bla Bla Records.

'For me it's a very honest project and Damian loved it so I was more than happy to work with him again. Dinky enthuses on the long friendship that they have shared. 'After taking a few years of intense touring, I felt ready to tour again and release my sixth album. Many of the songs were written for my sons, my husband, motherhood, love and also things that were happening in the world at the time'

'Casa' sees a return to form for Dinky and a welcome return to the Crosstown imprint, after releasing a single and a mix album for the pioneering label.

2. Casa (Satori Remix)
4. Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)

Released: 08/07/2016
Cat#: CRM163
Distribution: Above Board


vendredi 10 juin 2016

Nesta & Silky Raven - Cedar Trees EP (RBL037)

Following in suit of the Rebellion ethos, Nesta & Silky Raven transport us to new worldly regions. This time Lebanon is explored through six immersive soundscapes in their 'Cedar Trees' EP.

The trio explain they were 'inspired by the melodies of old Lebanese songs. Samples from famous singers Wadih El Safi and Sabah from Beirut tell of Lebanon's heavenly beauty. We accompanied them with rhythmic modular noises, big string arrangements and lots of psychedelic guitar solos.'

Nabih Esta Aka Nesta is one of the most forward thinking heads in Beirut's electronic music scene and part of the legendary Überhaus and The Gärten family. He met Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe Aka Silky Raven, also well known as part of Wakeira, in Barcelona and invited them for a gig in Beirut in 2015. There Jakob and Henrik were introduced to and fell in love with the soulful and oriental sounds of Fairuz and Ziad El Rahbani, as Nabih drove them around the beautiful mountains surrounding the city.

The trio realized how well the traditional and modern electronic music matched and so began their musical collaboration. As they experimented with the sound, Nabih suggested they use his grandfather's best friend's music, who was the oriental music legend, Wadih El Safi. With the blessing from Safi's family, the trio sampled his voice and from that, 'Cedar Trees EP' was born.

1. Quarter Note Dub
2. Cedar Trees
3. Into Qadisha (Original)
4. Temple Of Bacchus
5. Into Qadisha (Qadisha Valley Mix)
6. Cedar Trees (Dub Version)

Released: 15/07/2016
Cat#: RBL037
Distribution: Above Board


dimanche 5 juin 2016


Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis and DJ Three go all day and night in New York

Crosstown Rebels has just announced the debut of the Wizardry experience, a back-to-back-to-back day and night event with Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis and DJ Three.
The massive line-up hits Output in New York City for 16 hours on July 3 and the party's inspired by Lazarus, Tennis and Three's Get Lost Wizardry afterparties.
Artists down to play, including David Terranova, LUM and Jaialai, are set to simultaneously play the Main Room, Panther Room and Rooftop all throughout the show.
Tickets to the Wizardry show at Output can be found here.

Via Mixmag