dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Satori - MAKTUB (CRMLP034S)

Satori returns to Crosstown Rebels with his atmospheric album MAKTUB. Here is a four track vinyl sampler from the album, including a live unreleased vinyl only version of 'While I Miss You'.

Music flows through the veins of Satori. No ordinary artist, he is creating deeply spiritual music through a range of instruments and production techniques. MAKTUB, his debut album on the illustrious Crosstown Rebels pulls the listener into an exotic world, blurring the lines between electronic and meditative music.

At the core of MAKTUB is Satori's desire to touch people with his music, and his vocals shine through from start to finish, as he guides the listener on an Arabian Nights inspired journey. Afetr the success of 'Imani's Dress' and 'Umama' singles, Satori's album is a work of sonic beauty. This four track sampler features four diverse cuts from the album that will each beguil, inspire and enthrall.

He has created a twelve track masterpiece that will linger in your memory long after it finishes 

"When recording this album, I rented a farm in Belgium and locked myself. I disconnected from the world and was completely alone for one month, with only my music for company. I didn't want to make 'just an album', with some cool beats and world music samples. It had to be an experience". Satori.

1. Shotgun
2. Dive Into The Mystic (Feat. RQUE)
3. Ylam
4.  While I Miss You (Live Version)

Released: 20/10/2017
Cat#: CRMLP034S
Distribution: Above Board

Tracklist (Album)
1. Sherazade And Her Never Ending Stories
2. Umama
3. Dive Into The Mystic (Feat. RQUE)
4. Shotgun
5. Imani's Dress
6. Ylam
7. Ten Golden Dinars
8. Plato's Dream
9. Tree Of Life
10. While I Miss You
11. All Is Theatre
12. Shoeless (Feat. Hugo Oak)

vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Alex Dimou - Tot (RBL048)

Almost one year on from his last release on the label, Athens based Alex Dimou releases a stellar EP for Rebellion showcasing his wide musical range over three tracks. The ultra depths of piano driven lead track Tot , the wobbly, twisted rhythms of Define  and the tech-house slam poetry of Constellation all showcase the many sides of Alex Dimou.

His debut release for the label, 'This Time', featured Namibian singer Black Soda, which inspired a new collaboration. Constellation was the outcome, which features South African slam poet Lazarusman, well known for his work with Stimming, DJ T and Djuma Soundsystem.
"I've been working on this EP for the past year. 'Tot' is one of my favorite tracks, where I've tried to blend my routes with newest influences. 'Constellation' came together almost a year agfo. It's a collaboration with Lazarusman, an artist I've always admired. 'Define' was made in Paris. During my live performance in a club, I realized that I needed a track with a vocoder vocal so I started working on it as soon as I went back to the hotel" Alex Dimou.

Anyone who has heard AlexDimou's impressive live-set will recognize these tracks that will now finally be released on Rebellion. Other releases can be found on the likes of Get Physical, Audiomatique Recordings and Kindisch.

1. Tot
2. Constellation (Feat. Lazarusman)
3. Define

Released: 22/09/2017
Cat#: RBL048

vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Yousef feat. The Angel - Vanity (CRM189)

Marking the last Crosstown Rebels of the summer, Yousef steps into the spotlight with the compelling Vanity featuring entrancing vocals from The Angel. Heavyweight remixes courtesy of Carl Cox and Bontan complete the package.

Played for the first time by Damian Lazarus, Vanity was premiered at Day Zero in january, with videos capturing this moment reaching the three million mark. The vocals of long term collaborator The Angel caress the memories of lovers gone in Vanity, whilst the drums and poignant breaks deliver high impact. UK DJ Bontan delivers the first remix, picking up the pace and adding his signature choppy beats. Musical royalty, Carl Cox is up next with an energetic force and increasing intensity levels. Yousef returns with his Black & Acid Dub complete with throbbing drums and stripped back vocals.

Famed for his legendary Circus events in Liverpool and a recent worldwide tour, Yousef has been at the forefront of electronic music for over fifteen years. With releases on Cocoon Recordings, Defected and BPitch Control among others, Yousef also has a weekly radio show aired in over fifty countries, with over 20 million global listeners.

1. Vanity
2. Vanity (Bontan Remix)
3. Vanity (Carl Cox Remix)
4. Vanity (Yousef's Black & Acid Dub)

Released: 13/10/2017
Cat#: CRM189
Distribution: Above Board


Satori - Umama (CRM188)

Giving us a preview of his forthcoming album MAKTUB, Satori is next to release on Crosstown Rebels with Umama. The single features alongside remixes from three of the most prominent artists today's house scene.

Demonstrating his incredible ability to incorporate world sounds into his music, Satori mesmerizes with Umama. Amidst a soirée of African percussion is a soothing hypnotic chant, all encased in alluring synths. Italian legend Riva Starr's jazzy take on the original, integrates the chanting vocal as a futuristic anthem. Louie Vega maintains an ethnic feel. His remix, alongside an instrumental, encompasses futuristic synths with a sturdy kick throughout.

Comprised almost entirely of live instruments, Satori explained how his love for malian desert blues inspired Umama. "I was fascinated by the rhythms, the scales, the harmony and the way they use their voice. I studied it and translated it into electronic music". the song features on his debut album MAKTUB that will be released on Crosstown Rebels on 20th October 2017. In anticipation of his album release, Satori aside from performing his renowned live show, keeps himself busy coaching aspiring writers. Following the recent launch of imprint Brock Wild, Riva Starr comtinues to cement his position as one of the industry's most acclaimed artists. In early 2017 one half of Masters At Work, Louie Vega received a Grammy Nomination for Louie Vega Starring...XXVIII in the Best Dance Album category. Joeski has been hard at work in the studio, working solo on 'Lessons In Dub' for Poker Flat Recordings and the 14th installment of his Maya Sessions podcast.

1. Umama
2. Umama (Riva Starr Remix)
3. Umama (Louie Vega Remix)
4. Umama (Louie Vega Nu Bass Instrumental Remix)

Released: 29/09/2017
Cat#: CRM188
Distribution: Above Board