vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Scene Selection : Crosstown Rebels

What is there to say about Crosstown Rebels? By now, you should know everything there is to know about one of contemporary house music's most pioneering labels.
Founded by the scene's favourite sorcerer Damian Lazarus (pictured above), Crosstown Rebels is currently celebrating its 100th release. Tiga's 'The Picture' marks a seminal milestone for the label, which has been responsible for tunes from Jamie Jones, Art Department, Amirali, Dinky, Subb-An, Maceo Plex, Laurent Garnier, Luke Solomon and Dan Ghenacia. The list goes on...
Crosstown has just released the debut album from Fur Coat, proving Damian Lazarus and his gang are very much at the forefront of new-skool house. Check Fur Coat's Mix Of The Week for Mixmag here.
We got the lowdown on Crosstown from label manager The Ginger Prince (best name ever?). We also got an exclusive mix of label tunes from rising star Francesca Lombardo. Check everything out below. Damian and crew, we salute you!

3 - SIS - FORWARD LINE - Original Mix
4 - Art Department - WITHOUT YOU - Original Mix
5 - Inxec And Droog – WESTBOUND - Original Mix
6 - Dan Ghenacia – Globe
7 - Matthew Johnson - Dayz

How did Crosstown begin? What’s the how, where and why?
Crosstown began when the stars aligned, the heavens opened and delivered upon to East London a label like no other... In the year of our Lord 2003, around Damian's house.
How does Crosstown choose artists? Do you regularly listen to demos or do you like to get to know a producer personally first?
Through the meeting of like minded souls, who have a similar sonic aesthetic and agenda. Some artists are friends who become artists, some are artists who become friends and some from demos. A relative smorgasbord of talent.
What’s the ethos of Crosstown Rebels? Is there a general label vibe or mission statement?
Release cutting edge music, hold the best parties and be nice to your mum.
What sound does Crosstown Rebels specialise in? Do you feel like the label is contributing to a certain scene or genre or is what you put out more flexible and varied than that?
Discovering and championing new talent. Having an inspiring A&R philosophy, being a tightly run ship that takes care of all the crew and passengers with consummate respect and love.
What’s the best situation in which to listen to Crosstown's tunes?
It's up to the individual: in the bath, on the dancefloor...Or in a bath on a dancefloor... Now that's a party!
Have you ever heard a Crosstown record go off at a party and thought “job done!”? What’s the best reaction you’ve had to a release?
I don't know if it serves to be so self sanctimonious, but Crosstown have released some killer records in 10 years which have certainly done the job and then some!
Who do you wish you had signed? Anyone you’ve missed out on and kicked yourself about after?
Best not to regret or dwell on past mistakes.
What’s behind Crosstown’s aesthetic? Who does your art and is it a big part of what the label does?
Mostly Damian and the artists. We use various designers from Jeffrey Design, Ana Rifa and most recently Pilar Zeta. Art and music are entwined.
What’s next for Crosstown?
Albums from Acid Pauli, Ali Love, Francesca Lombardo and Art Department plus our 100th single from Tiga with Subb-an remix (out now) and more from Just Be (Matthew Bushwacka), Aidan Lavelle, Infinity Ink, Jamie Jones, Fur Coat, Jozif and Amirali to name a few... Plus a lot of superior underground music from our Rebellion label.

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Infinity Ink - Infinity Remixes (CRM103)

Back at the dawn of the summer, Infinity Ink unleashed ‘Infinity’, a track that quickly became the seasons most ubiquitous and biggest selling. Now that the sun is fading and the closing parties are drawing near, Dirtybird heavyweight Claude VonStroke and Hot Creations homeboy Richy Ahmed put their own stamp on the cosmic garage anthem with the long awaited ‘Infinity Remixes’.
Long-term friends and cohorts Ali Love and Luca C succeeded with something quite extraordinary in their new production guise as Infinity Ink. Already amassing a legion of support and an escalating fan-base with debut ‘Games’ on Hot Creations, their next instalment presented a unique cosmic take on garage and struck a chord with dancefloors around the globe and quickly became the Ibiza summer anthem for this year. One of Crosstown Rebels most highly anticipated records of recent times, ‘Infinity’ and its intoxicating qualities created a nigh on sonic hysteria this summer becoming the signature tune of many a poolside and disco. Championed by major players Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, Lee Foss and Art Department, this ground breaking piece of leftfield garage along with Ali’s trademark evocative vocals, placed Infinity Ink firmly on the map as breakthrough artists of 2012.
After the legend Todd Edwards delivered what was arguably his best remix in years on the original release, two producers, each voyaging to totally different dimensions bring ‘Infinity’ into the next party season. First up, founder of pioneering San Francisco imprint Dirtybird Claude VonStroke, submerges the original in a pool of futuristic, spaced out percussion, warping loops and cosmic FX – bestowing that Barclay brand of dirty, quirky funk.
For his Crosstown Rebels debut, Richy Ahmed steps back in time to 80s Chicago, cutting and manipulating Ali’s vocal to a deep old school drawl reminiscent of classic Dance Mania Records. With a rude analogue bassline and retro piano driving into a full on acid work out, this beast of a track is sure to do some serious damage to the dancefloor in its own right.
  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM103
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board Distribution
  • Released: Mon Oct 29th, 2012

    mercredi 19 septembre 2012

    Acid Pauli - Get Lost V (CRMCD020)

    - Acid Pauli is a musical genius and tastemaker who plays in three bands, released a track on a Björk album and went out for a tea with Michael Nyman to discuss future projects
    - His debut album ‘MST’ came out on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label earlier this year to great acclaim
    - Get Lost 5 features exclusive unreleased material from Nicolas Jaar, NU, The Band That Never Met, Tempo Di Roma and Acid Pauli
    - One of the most adventurous Get Lost episodes to date, Pauli treads deep into more weird and wonderful waters in this two disc odyssey for the fifth instalment in the series
    - A unique download code in the purchased CD version unlocks a lost third part of the mix to complete this epic 4 hour continuous mix

      Crosstown Rebels ground breaking Get Lost series reaches half a decade with Damian Lazarus’ favourite DJ and one of Berlin’s most recognised figures, Acid Pauli. Pauli may not be a household name but he is coveted by those in the know as an enigmatic genius and pioneering figure who understands how to touch and play with the feelings held within music. Victorious in his efforts, Pauli bears a contender for mix of the year or even decade. Rummaging deep, he indulges in his archetypal strange and rare musical pleasures and packages it in a captivating two hour excursion into his reality.
      For Get Lost 5 he writes daring new scripts and moulds new boundaries altogether. Beginning with the twisted mechanics of his own production as Console providing the intro to another Berlin secret and Acid Pauli collaborator, NU whose brooding humming works contribute two tracks to the journey. Throughout Pauli continues to wrestle with promiscuous drum patterns amidst sweet harmonic instruments in his quest (note the haunting violin solos of Kadebostan’s ‘Love in Looxor’). He consistently maintains clandestine tones and preserves the earthy shadows of electronica with contemporary underground dance heroes Move D, dOP, SIS and Stimming making appearances alongside more idiosyncratic choices such as Jan Turkenburg’s ‘In My Spaceship’.
      Lazarus is such a fan he marked his 40th birthday celebrations at a private party with an epic all night set from Acid Pauli and it’s easy to see why. They share much musical territory and explore the murky waters of their minds in psychedelic patterns and furtive codes. They also cosset a deep love for popular music channelled through unusual interpretations. Pauli includes many eccentricities such as the as yet unheard The Band That Never Met’s rendition of the Bruce Springsteen classic, Gonzalez cover from Pauli & Laura Weider titled ‘Oregano’ and Calico Horse’s take on Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’. A dextrous wizard akin to the unbounded talents of Matthew Herbert and Aphex Twin, his choices become playful souvenirs that testify to his power to astound.
      As the first episode draws to a close it continues to warp and mystify with a bubbling collage of echoing voices and organ synths from Nicolas Jaar with an unreleased production named ‘Play The Drums For Me’. The final moments come from Acid Pauli’s own ‘Farewell Fred’ and are reminiscent of Kraftwerk. Its mischievous conclusion features a traffic light sample insistently calling “Wait”.
      Get Lost’s second act can only be heard with a unique download code given to those that purchase the CD, unlocking the lost middle section of this continuous four hour opus.
      It’s third act and grand finale takes a more dancefloor course with Pauli’s own ‘Music Is Silence’ opening the curtain. Yet it is still peppered with charms and dim hallucinations such as the textured worlds of Autechre and the spectacular anthemic Monkey Maffia ‘I Know You N.m.s’ that characterise Pauli’s unconventional nature.
      Born in the 70s in Bavaria, Germany, Martin Gretschmann AKA Acid Pauli began his adventures in music playing bass guitar in a punk/indie band and as the electronic outfit Console in the mid 90s. After releasing several records (and a track on a Björk album), remixes, even radioplays (together with Andreas Ammer) and touring excessively, Martin concentrated returned back to his solo project, Acid Pauli, which has reached new heights in recent years. A resident DJ at Berlin’s infamous Kater Holzig (the reincarnation of Bar25) and Munich’s Rote Sonne, his style is unrivalled, incorporating not only techno and house but a kaleidoscope of musical varieties that only a genuine master could conquer. For the first time he captures his visions for ‘Get Lost’ and the results are a beguiling pilgrimage into a musical maestro about to take his place in the limelight.
    • Label: Crosstown Rebels
    • Cat no: CRMCD020CRMLP02
    • Web:
    • Distribution: Above Board Distribution
    • Released: Mon Nov 19th, 2012


      Ammer & Console - "Dann Ist Elektronische Musik An Meinem Ohr" (feat Reinhard Furrer)
      Nu - "Man O To" (exclusive)
      Normal Brain - "M-U-S-I-C"
      Soulcenter - "What You're Doin'" (Acid Pauli edit)
      Kadebostan - "Love In Looxor"
      Raz Ohara - "El Zahir" (Acid Pauli remix)
      Gunther Lause - "Mountain"
      Console - "Gruner Raum"
      Jan Rurkenburg - "In My Spaceship"
      Acid Pauli & Laura Weider - "Oregano" (exclusive)
      Move D - "Things Will Come (...For Those Who Wait)"
      Ian Simmonds - "Wendelstein Variations"
      Stimming - "Novermber Morning"
      Juno6 - "Dead Cities" (Douglas Greed remix)
      Nicolas Jaar - "Ply The Drums For Me" (exclusive)
      Nu - "Earth" (exclusive)
      Stephen Brown - "Cane't 2"
      Acid Pauli - "Farewell Fred" (exclusive)
      Acid Pauli - "Music Is Silence" (exclusive)
      Pele & Nico Stojan - "Belladonna"
      Dop - "Foly" (feat Sibiri Samake)
      Dop - "Ikarus"
      Nannue Tipitier & Acid Pauli - "Zeit Loschen" (exclusive)
      Gunja & Nicone - "Peaz, Luv & Harmonium" (exclusive)
      Taron Trekka - "G Samsa"
      Sis - "Machiste"
      Kabale Und Liebe - "Una Y Nada"
      Tempo Di Roma - "Move Your Bones" (exclusive)
      Dirty Doering - "Ete Pluvieux"
      Amirali - "Hear Me"
      Calico Horse - "Idioteque" (exclusive)
      Black Is Beautiful - "Pergamon"
      Francesca Lombardo - "Is It True"
      Metrika - "Aok Ot"
      Console - "Train Set"
      Monkey Maffia - "I Know You Nms"
      Rayon - "Libanon"
      Lou Kassard - "Once Upon" (feat Benno)
      Autechre - "Overand"
      The Band That Never Met - "I'm On Fire" (exclusive)
      Lake Powel - "Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair"

                LINK TO SOME OF THE TRACKS

      vendredi 7 septembre 2012

      One Seven Six - Islands In The Sky (CRM102)

      Crosstown Rebels continue to demonstrate their incredible aptitude for astute and diverse A & R by unveiling One Seven Six and their first release ´Islands In The Sky´, a carefully concocted blend of organic electronica oozing with pop sensibility. NYC´s Brennan Green is recalled once again for remix duties after his fantastic interpretation of Art Department´s ´Tell Me Why´, released on the label at the start of the year.
      One Seven Six aka Matt Allchin & James McCool are a writing/production duo from London that fuse boutique quantum philosophy with loose musical morals, introducing you to the deep armchair of your mind.
      Title track ´Islands In The Sky´ displays the duos musical ability early on with a soft, electric piano melody accompanying an infectious guitar riff. Shimmering glissando´s sweep across the mix, clearing the path for a slick disco bassline to provide the backdrop for the lush vocals of David Ashby. Prepare to be swept away to another dimension by the image-evoking wordplay.
      The second original track ´The Theory Of Strings´ starts slightly deeper with the low end working alongside human breaths, gently building to a climax that spills over into more neat guitar work. Airy, atmospheric pads and various percussive elements grow creating a sense of drama that is relieved by an 80´s electro breakdown. Once again the duos songwriting skills are the highlight, as is the way infectious vocal hooks are expertly crafted around the musical foundations.
      No stranger to the Crosstown camp since his remix of Luke Solomon’s ‘Demons’ was released back in 2008, Chinatown boss Brennan Green steps up for remixes and dutifully delivers two cuts of the title track, spiced up by his sleazy breed of disco inflected, intergalactic, cosmos house. Trademark cowbells, claves and shakers on these grooving slo-mo house jams ensure they get the full NYC cosmic disco treatment. The talented producer has also released on labels such as Balihu Records and Modal with huge remixes for the likes of Debby Harry, Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem.
    • Label: Crosstown Rebels
    • Cat no: CRM102
    • Web:
    • Distribution: Above Board Distribution
    • Released: Mon Oct 15th, 2012