lundi 22 août 2016

Just Be Feat. Jesse Monroe - Dip Your Finger (RBL038)

Music is often used as a mean to forget, escape and withdraw from the world around us. In some cases, it even has the ability to transport, and Just Be's 'Dip Your Finger EP' on Rebellion does just that. The UK born DJ and producer has created a four track release with accompanying vocals from the ethereal Jesse Monroe.

'I've been spent the last six months writing futurist electronica soundscapes for the big screen so it's been great to get back to my roots and produce some warm, moving house and tech music - and working with my beloved Jesse on the vocals again - I feel these tracks work both in the dance floor and for listening pleasure. Enjoy' Just Be.

'Dip Your Finger' opens up the EP with seven minutes of otherworldly goodness. Just Be seamlessly brings together Monroe's beautiful vocals with a range of sounds that sets the tone for an immensely warm and absorbing release. All the tracks follow on from each other with a real sense of consistency and the EP closes with a deeper edit of 'The Good Old Days', taking the listener into the final stages of an enchanting journey.

Just Be AKA Matthew Benjamin is a man of many faces. After coming of age during the lates 80s and early 90s when the UK dance scene was exploding with illegal parties and acid house, he performed under the name of Matthew B. Fast forward several years and other aliases have included The End Soundsystem, Layo & Bushwacka! A long standing figure wxithin the Ibiza scene, he has playerd Amnesia, Cocoon and DC10 on numerous occasions. behind closed doors and in the studio he has produced seven album and hundreds of tracks, releasing on labels such as XL Recordings, Get Physical, Plus 8 and End Recordings.

1. Dip Your Finger
2. Dip Your Finger (Dub)
3. The Good Old Days
4. The Good Old Dyas (After Dark Mix)

Released: 16/09/2016
Cat#: RBL038
Distribution: Above Board


jeudi 18 août 2016

Dinky - Valor (CRMCD033)

'Valor' tells a deeply personal narrative for Chilean born and Berlin based DJ and producer Dinky, made during a period where her life was in danger, her sixth album acts as a pinnacle to her steadfast and illustrious career and brought on a momentous change to her personal journey.

Esteemed for her decade long DJ residency at Berlin's imfamous Panorama Bar and past productions on labels such as Cocoon, Visionquest and Crosstown Rebels, Dinky AKA Alejandra Iglesias is a trained classical guitarist, singer and keyboard player. Her voice is an anchor to 'Valor', it's crisp definition loaded with intensity.

Tracks such as the driving single 'Casa' called out by US giants NPR for it's 'gorgeously layered vocals' and the fragile layers of guitar and synths on cuts like 'Milk' make bold unions between electronics and Dinky's live instrumentation. 'Valor' is undoubtedly a feminine creation, yet speaks with a power and strength of a woman with a clear sense of direction and flows with a subtle energy of potent potential.

'Valor in Spanish means "courage" but it's also the first letters of both my sons Valentin and Orlando combined', explains Dinky. 'This album is a personal journey through motherhood and pregnancy as an artist. My life took an 180 degrees turn after my first son was born in 2014. I was labelled a high risk, and with the new pregnancy again in 2015 with my younger boy I was ordered to stay in bed for more than 3 months, otherwise the risk of losing him was too high. My husband built a studio for me in the corner of our bedroom, he took care of everything and I just tried to stay as quiet as possible. Every little pain or movement I dreaded losing my son'.

'At the beginning I felt completely depressed lying in bed staring at my belly but I decided to challenge my energy and write this album. I wrote it in a total pregnant state for my husband and sons, by the time I was 8 months I could barely sustain notes and my singing was a little rusty but it was personal and came from an important part of my heart'.

Damian Lazarus and Dinky have been friends for many years, leading to many singles and compilations on his Crosstown Rebels label in the past. 'We have worked together on some pretty special projects in that time, but this new album is by far the most exciting yet. Combining her beautiful voice and expert musical knowledge and ability, she has delivered her most captivating and beautiful music yet, music that transcends genre, that takes you to a place that only a woman with her creativity and abstract yet familiar musical thought patterns could deliver. This really is a special moment for me and for Crosstown Rebels to be lucky enough to release such a unique and special record'.

1. Casa
2. Cut
3. Lackers
4. Milk
5. Shooting Bodies (Acid)
6. Slowly
7. Valentino
8. Wait
9. Wakame

Released: 30/09/2016
Cat#: CRMCD033
Distribution: Above Board


Raw District Feat. Aquarius Heaven - Addicted (CRM167)

Belgian duo Raw District return to the Crosstown rebels label with 'Addicted', teaming up the formidable Aquarius Heaven again for the label, this time remixed by the infamous Doc Martin and Keinemusik's Rampa.

'For us, working on a vocal tune was always being as collaborative as possible in the creative process' explains Massimo Da Costa, one half of Raw District with Vernon Bara, speaking of their collaboration with Aquarius Heaven AKA Brian Brewster. 'Brian makes things so efficient as he has this typically easy way to write and sing amazing lyrics. I would love to get a chance to be inside his head to discover where he finds this extraordinary creative inspiration'.

An ex-reggae dancehall and Hip-Hop singer, Aquarius Heaven brings the colors of the Caribbean to 'Addicted'. Raw District's flamboyant percs grinds the beats into a track that stretches the limits of electronic music.

Rampa's remix illustrates the breadth of his studio skills, as founder of a production compnay TEILE, he builds soaring synths and strumming piano to elevate the emotional aspect of 'Addicted' equipping it for the early hours of the night. Doc Martin has earned the respect of many over his extensive career for his timeless style that bridges many genres. His remix gives a bold, new outlook for the track and deeper insight into his ever growing futuristic sound.

1. Addicted
2. Addicted (Rampa Remix)
3. Addicted (Doc Martin Sublevel Live Remix)
4. The Alchemist (Feat. Forrest)

Released: 23/09/2016
Cat#: CRM167
Distribution: Above Board


PBR Streetgang - Shade (CRM166)

Closely following strong releases on both Futureboogie and Craig Richard's Ship To Shore label this summer, PBR Streetgang make their debut on Crosstown Rebels with 'Shade', a collection of music that proves there is no stopping the UK duo right now.

"We've wanted to make these tracks for Crosstown Rebels for some time now, it's great to have found the right inspiration and opportunity to get them out of our heads and make it happen. Also we're so happy to have I:Cube on the remix, he's a musical hero ot ours so to have him remix us is a special honor.'

PBR Streetgang are Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, with a shared history that began in 2003 and swept through residencies at We Love Space Ibiza and Asylum in Leeds, a string of acclaimed remixes and originals for their friends at 2020Vision, Futureboogie and Hot Creations, remixes for Bryan Ferry, tours to Japan, USA and Brazil, a month residency on Rinse FM and still finding time for enjoyment in between.

Prolific French producer I:Cube steps up to remix 'Shade' esteemed for his work on Versatile Records and releasing for over two decades. Elasticating synths weave drama into his version, taking the groove and energy of the original title track to new extremes.

1. Shade
2. Reading
3. Shade (I:Cube Remix)

Released: 09/09/2016
Cat#: CRM166
Distribution: Above Board