jeudi 30 mai 2013

A day in the life of Damian Lazarus

Have you ever wondered what a week in the life of Crosstown Rebels' chief, Damian Lazarus is really like? Well, we certainly have. Our vision of the caped crusader's party escapades shaking dancefloors, beaches and jungles worldwide with his close family of artists that all do their part in keeping the rebel spirit alive and have lead us to the conclusion that Lazarus may just have one of the best jobs on the planet. So at the concluding chapter of his global tour celebrating ten eccentric years of Crosstown Rebelsthat have just taken the crew on a four month voyage across five continents and eighteen countries; we felt extremely lucky to be given a personal insight into some of his thoughts, adventures, musings and dreams whilst on the road in May, all before he transports us to some early morning madness here in Farringdon on 15th June. 

Wednesday May 8th

It’s Wednesday morning and I am crawling into bed after playing at the marvelous Island Festival in Paris. Today will mark the end of the Crosstown Rebels 10 Year anniversary tour and I am exhausted.

I have just played in more than 30 cities in the last 13 weeks – from Sydney to San Francisco, Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Moscow to Mantova. It really has been a whirlwind world tour of wonder. I've been so lucky to bring along with me all the Rebel artists – old and new – it’s so much more fun traveling and playing with your friends than on your own. But now I need to sleep so that I am fresh for the final stop on the tour – Berlin.

I sleep for around 4 hours; this is generally one hour less than my average 5 a day (not including the quick nap on a plane, usually as we take off, but only lasting around 20 minutes) – I think I used to sleep more, these days a solid 8 hour sleep is a rarity, I’m envious when some of my sleepier friends tell me about their long slumbers; Jamie Jones and Jonny White both like a good long nap. I just bought this book “Dreamland – Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep” by David K Randall, which is study on insomnia, I was hoping it would help my cause but no change yet; except a fairly decent amount of weird nightmares (the worst being the ones where I turn up to a gig with all the wrong music).

So, taxi to the airport and we are on our way to Berlin. I really like Berlin, always have, ever since the first time I went there for the Love Parade many years ago – I almost moved there a few years ago but chose LA instead, opting for sunshine and isolation over rained on concrete and 4-day parties. I’m actually looking around for a new place to park myself at the moment; it’s turning out to be one of the trickiest thing to decide, where to live. Is there any one city that is perfect in every way? I have just spent the last months pretty much in every potential city on my shortlist but so far I am yet to find the right place. Trying to find the ultimate place to relax in between your travels, a place to write music and be an “artist” – but also be just in touch enough with the outside world to ensure madness doesn’t set in (too early). I toy with the idea of moving to the Mexican jungle and becoming a hermit and tinkering with alchemy and strange rituals but I’m also liking the idea of doing a stint as a farmer – quite fancy getting some goats and raising sheep in the Tuscan hills. 

Maybe I’m finding this so hard because I’ve become so used to traveling every week – one thing is for certain, I will definitely be spending more time in London in the near future as I miss my family and it’s great to be around them.

When my team and I looked over the tour dates for this special Rebel Rave tour to kick off 2013, it soon became apparent that there was only one place to rightfully end it in Europe and tonight we host the Panorama Bar.

We eat dinner at the Soho House, gather our things (music, headphones, change of top, sunglasses) and I am inside the the hallowed turf above the Berghain by 2am; just in time to see Francesca Lombardo smash the living daylights out of it inside on her first playing experience at the club. I have good news for her that I give to her after she finishes her set – she is a very happy lady. Infinity Ink are up next and they too totally kill it; Luca C has been sounding better and better all year, every time he has played on the tour he’s impressed me and having the addition of Ali Love popping up every now and then to drop some lyrics works so well. 

Amirali plays an amazing live show next - he hasn’t been doing so much recently as he is busy in the studio working on a new album, this time with other musicians – I’m so excited for this one to be ready but we have probably another year before it will see the light of day. In the meantime he drops a taster as his final track and everyone is going crazy inside the place and now it’s 6am and I’m ready to start playing. There is only one way to play the Panorama Bar and that is to simply be yourself – and tonight I just go for it, I get into the zone in the booth immediately and lose myself in it for the next 3 hours. Occasionally I’d look up and see various mates on the dancefloor pointing at me laughing - I know that regardless of how silly I may look “totally lost in the moment”, I don't give a fuck because I feel completely at home, at ease and at one with my music and my environment (and I also know that there are no cameras allowed in there, so its anything goes anyway!)

Art Department are up after me; unfortunately there has been a slight mishap between Paris and Berlin and Kenny has lost his passport which means that he can only play for an hour before he leaves Jonny alone to close in order for him to be driven to Prague to get a new passport from the Canadian embassy so that he can travel later (this mission fails by the way). I am just thankful that he has made it to every show on this long tour and that this only happened on the last day. He really has been a star performer on this trip – if you saw him at the party in New York you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Like I said earlier, this tour has been a massive celebration of everything we have achieved as a record label over the last 10 years. It has been 10 years of great teamwork and great music and we owe a massive debt to our many artists, the posse that we have built over the years that continually deliver the freshest music in our scene and always give everything they have when they turn up to play at one of our events – but it’s also largely down to the people behind the scenes that never get their faces in the music media, the label managers and distributors, the graphic designers and the promotion team, the film makers and the party production crew, the agents and logistic guys. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this finely tuned engine where everyone plays their part and takes pride in their work on our behalf. I am so thankful to all these people, my friends who work their asses off day in, day out, to help me get our messages of music out there to the world.

So we leave the Panorama Bar at around 3pm Thursday afternoon and I am ready for a short four day holiday in Tulum before getting straight back into it. I’m feeling really good about my sound and my music right now, I also feel that after these 10 amazing years of Crosstown Rebels I have a achieved something very special on a personal level, a global fan base of amazing people who every week come out to party with me somewhere on this fine planet of ours. 

And I play fabric on June 15th and I look forward to seeing you there for another of our special mornings together!

jeudi 23 mai 2013

Him_Self_Her - A Release on Crosstown ??

Him_Self_Her (AKA Claire Spooner & Leon Baggotts) are a Midlands based DJ / Producer duo formed in 2011, when the paths of two experienced DJs crossed at a number of Midlands events and they began to realize the deep love of house they both shared.

2012 looks a good year for this male / female duo with their first EP snapped up by Chris James & BUBBA's "Running Wild" label, EPs forthcoming on Cream Couture & No Agenda Music, and their productions and DJ sets catching the attention of the big names in the industry.

Now that they have signed with the label that makes my heart beat, we can expect the release of their first EP on Crosstown Rebels.

Just listen to what it sounds like (it ROCKS):

Him_Self_Her - Gone Too Long

Him_Self_Her - Three Minutes

Him_Self_Her - Love With You

Him_Self_Her - Calling

Him_Self_Her - Inside Out (Feat. Kieran Fowkes)

Don't waste your time anymore & visit their Soundcloud

mercredi 22 mai 2013

Russ Yallop - The Journey Feat. Aimee Sophia (CRM113)

Russ Yallop has been steadily honing his craft since his first killer release on Crosstown Rebels in 2010 ‘I Can’t Wait’.  Back on home label turf, the London-based producer is about to unleash ‘The Journey feat. Aimee Sophia’ including a pair of storming remixes by man of the moment Huxley. A warped ride for the senses, ‘The Journey’ is a wave of filthy house, eerie chords, heavy sub bass and those hauntingly falsetto vocals. The overall effect is darkly addictive and B-side ‘How I Feel’ feat. Belle retains the same spacious bass heavy mood with more bounce in the bassline. A breezier DIGI extra comes in the form of ‘Mistakes’ - the Russ Yallop & Taymor Zadeh remix.
o A world class and in-demand DJ, Russ Yallop is recently back from the 10 years of Crosstown Rebels Rebel Rave tour that took in the most vibrant destinations of the world.
o+ A solid line in dancefloor hits on labels Hot Creations/Hot Waves, Rebellion, no.19 and Losing Suki, Russ Yallop has also released music under the alias B&B on Foot and Mouth.
o+o Huxley aka Michael Dodman is the unstoppable producer with the garage roots and immaculate track record on labels such as Hypercolour and Tsuba. His debut on Crosstown - two takes on ‘The Journey’ are both more vigorous club work-outs. The Vocal Mix has added bleeps and a more pumping garage groove while the Dub is the beast with the techier edge.

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM113
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Jul 1st, 2013

samedi 11 mai 2013

Just Be - Don't Make Me Wait For You (Feat. Jesse Monroe) (CRM112)

Just Be has been riding a wave of success in the past year and further cements this new incarnation with next installment for the mighty Crosstown Rebels. The massive ‘Don’t Make Me Wait For You’, featuring Jesse Monroe is a wonky slice of pent up tension and swelling moods, reminiscent of proto garage house classics with a touch of modern slinkiness. As the diva vocal narrative builds with a dirty bassline groove, hypnotic echoes of “Don’t Make Me Wait For You” propel the track higher to truly captivate the dancefloor. The more tangled ‘5am remix’ comes courtesy of Rebel wunderkind Subb-an.
o Launching his career as Matthew B in the midst of the UK acid house explosion, Just Be’s identity and sound has undertaken many a metamorphosis, from Bushwacka!, The End Soundsystem, to Layo and Bushwacka! and now embarking on the ambitious solo project JUST BE.
o+ An exciting 2012 saw releases for Just Be on Get Physical, Maison D’etre, Plus 8, and Intec Digital plus gigs at some of the best clubs and festivals on the circuit. In total Just Be’s output under various guises has been phenomenal with six artist albums and a seventh due this year. The super producer has also delivered over 120 remixes, and 160 tracks for labels such as XL Recordings, End Recordings and his own labels Olmeto, Plank and Oblong. Just Be is a true dance music icon.
o+o Subb-an has recently been on tour with the Rebels celebrating 10 years of the historic label. With an album in the pipeline and huge releases on labels such as Visionquest, Spectral Sound and his own One Records, Subb-an’s hectic touring schedule is further testament to the steep rise of this underground star. More seminal gigs are lined up this year at meccas Panorama Bar and DC10. 

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM112
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Jun 10th, 2013


vendredi 10 mai 2013

Get Lost VI - Mixed By T.E.E.D. (CRMCD024)

Crosstown Rebels infamous Get Lost series returns with a new episode delving into the more obscure and rare choices from the award-winning crossover dance act and old friend of the label, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Get Lost VI is a double disc compilation full of rarities and cutting edge house and techno carefully chosen and collated by TEED aka Orlando Higginbottom, including a new exclusive track made by him together with Eats Everything that will be released as a single on the label.

Crosstown Rebels’ seminal Get Lost series has previously featured quirky artists and musical hedonists Jamie Jones, Acid Pauli, Dinky and the label head Damian Lazarus. Each episode invites the artist to share new insights into their musical personality and indulge in their more distinctive and eccentric choices. Get Lost is also a renowned series of global events.
"I couldn´t think of a better home for my first dj comp mix or whatever they´re called, Get Lost is a brilliant series with an intriguing past (and future). I´m very grateful to Damian and Crosstown Rebels for the opportunity, and excited for people to hear it," comments TEED.
The eclectic first disc showcases the likes of Gold Panda, LFO and rare solo work from Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow as well as subtle additions such as a fascinating monologue from the notorious psychedelic scholar Terence McKenna. Whilst disc two returns to the dancefloor driven that TEED has become infamous for including a huge Breach remix of Jamie JonesAme rework of Tiga and heavyweight meeting of Subb-an & Tom Trago featuring Seth Troxler. The culmination of both hours makes for a timeless asset of electronic mastery available on CD, on vinyl and digitally.

The Get Lost album project is a very special one for me and demands the most forward thinking artists to take on. TEED proved with his debut album that he is an electronic visionary and now he shows us the inside of his mind as a DJ - we all need to take note at this double album of brilliance.” Damian Lazarus


o NME named TEED “One of the UK’s most exciting young producers” when he delivered his debut electronic artist album, ‘Trouble’ in 2012. It was since awarded #1 Electronic Album Of The Year by iTunes and DJ Mag and met with critical acclaim in many end of year charts including #5 in the BBC Album Of The Year Poll, #38 in NME, included in Q’s end of 2012 roundup and in the Top 10 Timeout Albums Of The Year.

o+ Orlando Higginbottom is the son of a music professor at Oxford University and started his record buying life as a jungle enthusiast aged 13. Orlando has already had an incredible journey in a short space of time, he’s worked with the likes of Damon Albarn, remixed Lady Gaga, Friendly Fires and Foalsamongst others. There are a number of exciting collaborations planned this summer, with ´Lion, The Lion´ with Eats Everything the first of these projects to be announced.

o+o TEED also amassed over 10 million YouTube views, 411k followers on soundcloud, 150K Facebook fans & 35K on twitter

o+o+ TEED has sold out London headline shows at Heaven, KOKO and Shepherds Bush Empire, toured extensively across the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia including festival dates such as Lollapalooza, Bestival, Sonar, Parklife, Global Gathering, Ibiza, Benicassim, Exit, Berlin Festival and he will be playing live and DJ-ing at many this summer.

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRMCD024
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Jul 8th, 2013

01. Flako – Honey Drips
02. Kevin Harrison – All Night Long
03. Valentina – Wolves (Roman Flugel Remix)
04. Axel Boman - Klinsmann
05. Jorge Velez - Floo
06. Christophe – Comeback (Casino Times Remix)
07. Matthias Zimmerman - Vicente
08. Dave Aju - Anyway
09. Millennium - ICU
10. Kenny Glasgow - Dance 2 Da House
11. Traumprinz - Eachstep
12. Pitto – Mono Desire
13. Gold Panda – Burnt Out Car In A Forest
14. LFO – Track 4
15. Albinos - Bakatribe
16. Asa-Chang & Junray- Hana

01. Deutsche Wertarbeit – Auf Engelsflugeln
02. Underground Resistance – Base Camp Alpha 808
03. Richard H. Kirk – I Want More
04. Visnadi – Hunt’s Up
05. Trus’me – It’s Slow
06. Breach & Dark Sky – The Click
07. Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Lion, The Lion
08. Tiga – Plush (Ame Remix)
09. DJ Bone – Thursday Night
10. Future Four – Into Orbit
11. Jamie Jones – Tonight In Tokyo (Breach Remix)
12. Subb-an & Tom Trago ft. Seth Troxler - Time
13. Bernard Badie – Time Reveals
14. Hayden Andre Project – Tribal Life
15. Mathew Jonson – Automaton
16. Separate Minds – Troubled World