samedi 15 août 2015

LUM - Urpillay (RBL030)

Taking inspiration from his surrpundings deep in the Tulum jungle, medecine man LUM takes us on an otherworldly trip, delivering a truly stunning EP for Crosstown Rebels sub-label Rebellion, featuring a remix from American duo Bedouin.

"The ceremony starts in the jungle" explains LUM of the EP's journey, "Urpillay" calls the spirits and asks permission for the celebration. It's warm, deep strings and pianos lead us to connect with the inner self and mother earth.Bedouin brings the jungle to the dancefloor with a powerful remix". LUM goes on to say, "The trumpets, percussion and the angelic voice in Plegaria are to say thanks. Baaxal is a reinterpretation of Mayan music, the spirit of the jungle present. 90bpm, hypnotic, and 741 Hz to awaken intuition. The deep voices of the tribe in Canto De La Tierra reminds us to live in harmony with the Erath. The flutes are the sound of the earth, wind and bamboo."

Since creating his legendary Day Zero event in Mexico in 2012, Damian Lazarus has been searching for the perfect local artist to represent the sound of the ancient Mayan culture and the new traditions emanating from the area, LUM is just that. Born in Argentina and based in Riviera Maya in Tulum, Mexico, Sebastian Gandina AKA LUM has spent his life steeped in indigenous cultures. This is reflected in his music which is equal parts house and world music. He has spent years observing how music is integrated into native cultures, identifying its social functions, acquainting himself with its principles, learning instruments, recording sounds and reinterpreting his multiple findings in the paradigm of digital technologies. He is very deep into the jungle, conducting his botanical research the same way he has been researching into indigenous music. He can also regularly be found djing alongside the likes of Acid Pauli and Nu.

Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based ^roduvtion & DJ partnership between nomads Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Together they share an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels. Previous releases can be found on the likes of Get Physical, Supernature and Kindisch.

1. Urpillay
2. Urpillay (Bedouin Remix)
3. Plegaria
4. Baaxal
5. Canto De La Terria

Released: 02/10/2015
Cat#: RBL030
Distribution: Above Board

vendredi 7 août 2015

Róisín Murphy - Jealousy Remixes (CRM147)

The prolific production partnerships of Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye, Timo Maas & James Teej and the solo force of Citizenn take Roisin Murphy's 'Jealousy' to new levels with fresh remixes of the smash single released earlier this year.

"Jealousy is a thunderous house vamp over the course of which Roisin gradually transforms from carefree lover to possessive bunny-boiler, her growing mania matched by the music's unstoppable momentum. Pop-house pups take note: this is how it's done." The Guardian newspaper review. March 2015.

Roisin Murphy's compelling vocals are set innew bright landscapes by disco dons of Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye, London retro-futurist Citizenn hot of the heels of his debut album on Crosstown Rebels and Timo Maas & James Teej. Co-written and produced by the great Sheffield bastion of house, The Crooked Man AKA DJ Parrot, formally of Sweet Exorcist (Warp) and All Seeing I (FFRR).

Roisin Murphy has become one of the most competent, enduring and influential figures in the pop, disco and electronic music worlds. The Irish singer-songwriter originally broke into the charts as the frontwoman for Moloko, delivering music that was leftfield electronic and pop-orientated. Her consequent output, three stunning solo albums, and Mi Senti  a beautiful Italian language EP with The Vinyl Factory alongside guest vocal presence on labels such as Hot Creations and Permanent Vacation have ensured Roisin's enduring legacy and constant evolution as an artist.

'Jealousy' was also mixed by the legendary Eric Kupper, who was a production partner with Frankie Knuckles (R.I.P) and David Morales and whose K-Scope releases were a staple of 90's American NY House.


1. Jealousy (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Remix)
2. Jealousy (Timo Maas & James Teej 'Machina' Mix)
3. Jealousy (Citizenn Remix Dub)

Released: 25/09/2015
Cat #: CRM147