mercredi 29 avril 2015

Py - Lungs

She will do Featuring on Citizenn's forthcoming album on Crosstown Rebels.. Now I know why !!!
Listen to that (Sincerely I like it !)

YouTube Video (a pure delight (to me :))  She really got me !

And something to get higher !

Aphrohead - Let's Prance (CRM143)

Over twenty years on Felix 'Da Housecat' Stallings first endeavours under the Aphrohead alter ego, the US production and DJ legend announces a new album on Crosstown Rebels, with new single, 'Let's Prance', a stellar introduction to the project.

"Aphrohead has been off the grid for a minute, this is the Ressurection, since unicorns dance, Let's Prance" Aphrohead.

The Aphrohead alias was born back in 1993 as another outlet for prolific Chicago producer Felix Stallings, hailing instant anthems in 'In The Dark We Live', 'Thee Lite', 'Thee Industry made Me Do It' & 'Thee Underground Made Me Do It', creating a precedent in 90's techno on halcyon labels Bush, Global Cuts, Power Music, Thee Black Label & Radikal Fear.

'Let's Prance' is a long-anticipated eruption, it's futuristic tremors the first visions of a timeless album for Crosstown Rebels, complete with raw and industrial reworks from Art Department & BLUD, Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey and Christopher Trücher (the album's co-producer).

A musical eccentric, Felix Stallings has never been afraid to take risks and break new ground, consistently captivating the electronic music field for over two decades. The legendary techno producer ressurects his Aphrohead infamous guise with new vision for his new album on Crosstown Rebels, coming in September 2015.

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release Date: 08/06/2015
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution
Cat #: CRM143

- Let's Prance
- Let's Prance (Art Department & BLUD Remix)
- Let's Prance (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix)
- Let's Prance (Christopher's Groove Dub Mix)


lundi 20 avril 2015

Citizenn - Human Interface (CRMCD030)

Citizenn imparts his debut full-length 'Human Interface', on Crosstown Rebels on 15th June, manifested through technology and exploring its relationship to human emotion.

Awarded the title DJ Mag's 'Breakthrough DJ' in 2013, Citizenn has won favour across multiple disciplines for his retro-futurist style. A film director in a former life, his affinity with working with technology led him to this first album, inspired by the direction it was taking humanity.

'I wanted to explore this idea of humanity infusing with technology, we have become completely dependent upon it to survive' explains Laurence AKA Citizenn. 'The western world's obsession with augmenting our natural abilities runs deeper than moving things quickly or getting us into space, it allows us to manifest complex ideas and emotions in an artistic context. Each track on the record is based on a particular theme of human emotion or technological / mechanical attribute, and its relation to the world of electronic music. I've dug deep to conceptualize each track to this format and attempted to create a journey through my influences, both musical and cinematically'

The title track cracks the album into a dystopian tone, before tracks like 'Infatuation', 'Control' and 'Gone' welcome in warmth with R&B-tinted smooth vocals, layered over textured beats that sit safe with artist such as Scuba and James Blake. As the record progresses, Citizenn's recognizable sci-fi house synths and effortlessly approachable classic beats surface in first single, 'Tied' and tracks including 'Lacefront' and 'Shutters' take a bow to the ground-breaking sounds of the late eighties and early nineties.

Honest and rapid moments allude to a future vision in 'Oh Bondage' and 'You Are' as the record edges forward its conclusion, whilst vocal slices delivering subliminal messages are a constant throughout. 'Aisha has one of the most amazing thinking minds I know. She and I came up with multiple scenarios and ways of expressing them through her vocal contributions. I also worked with a vocalist called Py, another great mind and voice who is instantly cinematic and can evoke so many different feelings with her tones.'

Starting his musical life as a drummer, Laurence Blake's Citizenn alias did not come into play until after a successful career in video directing, working with the likes of Aluna George and Little Boots. 'With film and the visual arts, I was able to present impossible scenarios and environments, narrative-led or pop-culture heavy responses to subject matter. The music, which came later has allowed me to go one step further than I ever was able to with film'

The whole record is visual, creating a vivid landscape that only an artist familiar with the details of more than one creative medium could deliver, with themes and textures that use both digital and analogue synthesis, and human oral and physical input. 'The first versions of the record almost had no gaps or pauses at all, like some kind of blackish grey tapestry. Over the course of this path I began to understand the music I was making more, where these ideas were coming from and how I was applying it to the original concept and learned that nothing in life is linear / binary, even technology deviates from its programmed functionality.'
'It's been an affirming process and I have grown and allowed myself to be truly personal with the machines I use. In essence: The original concept of the record has become a self-fulfilling journey of self awareness and ownership'

- Human Interface
- Infatuation
- Control
- Shutters
- Tied Feat. Aisha
- Lacefront
- Oh Bondage
- Gone Feat. Py
- Down 4 Whatever
- You Are
- Lady Feat. Aisha

Release Date: 15/06/2015
Cat #: CRMCD030
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution

jeudi 16 avril 2015

The Sky Is Near Vermillion

Fur Coat - Berlin Chronicles EP (CRM142)

Back onboard the Crosstown Rebels mothership with some serious dancefloor business, Venezuelan duo Fur Coat deliver three of their most accomplished tracks to date with the "Berlin Chronicles EP".

"We've worked on the EP since coming back from BPM Festival in Mexico and have been hammering the tracks in every show. We feel each track has a real identity that fits amazingly well in our DJ sets, creating some incredible moments on the dancefloor. The sound of this record is slightly different, and one we feel super excited about. We believe it shows a slightly different, much techuer and melodic side to our production. It's just the starting point for our music this year". Fur Coat.

Hard working and passionate, Fur Coat have had a string of successful releases since they first came onto the scene on the likes of Hot Creations, BPitch Control and of course Crosstown Rebels. Unearthed and championed by original Rebel Damian Lazarus, the duo released their impressive debut album 'Mind Over Matter' on the label in 2012.

Since the album dropped, the part have been called upon to rework legends such as Timo Maas & Robert Owens as well as hot newcomers Kidnap Kid & Joy Wellboy. Remixes are also forthcoming for Stephan Bodzin on Systematic and Ruede Hagelstein on Watergate.

Last year saw the talented duo appear at No 66 in RA's Top 100 DJs chart and 2015 is set to be another big year with an upcoming Balance compilation, alonside a massive worldwide tour and some very special projects that are yet to be revealed.

Cat #: CRM142
Release Date: 18/05/2015
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution

- Pankow
- Banhof
- Seven


Citizenn -Tied Remixes (CRM141R)

Citizenn brilliant 'Tied' single gets the remix treatment from Murk, Adesse Versions and Denney, a superb remix package to compliment the sublime original.

'Tied' is a trip into house's classic years, raw with diva-esque vocals from Aisha and New York flavour. Remixes from the legendary Murk and re-edit champion, Adesse Versions cast their own flair and finesse on the original, while Hot Creations latest shooting star, Denney, delivers a driving classic house remix.

Murk have made a welcome return of late, and Oscar & Ralph have turned in something very special here. Evocative of their early work the sparse beats and vocals work to maximum effect. Hot on his Numbers release, Adesse Versions deliver a brilliant sublime remix that effortlessly compliments the original and takes it that one step further, amazing. Finally Denney gets down and dirty and delivers a monster of a remix.

Citizenn is set to release his debut album on Crosstown in June.

Release Date: 04/05/2015
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat #: CRM141R

- Tied (Murk Mega Mix)
- Tied (Adesse Versions Remix)
- Tied (Denney Remix)


mercredi 1 avril 2015

Citizenn - Tied EP (CRM141)

The dexterous Citizenn drops the first single, 'Tied', from his forthcoming album for Crosstown Rebels.

House music futurist Citizenn will unveil his debut artist album on 15th June for the ground-breaking label from Damian Lazarus Crosstown Rebels. Entitled 'Human Interface', it considers the coexistence between humanity and machinery. "I've always been completely infatuated with technology", explains Citizenn,  "It's omnipresence in our daily lives and how we have become completely dependent upon it to survive. It allows us to manifest complex ideas and emotions in an artistic context".

The first single,' Tied', is a trip into house's classic years, raw with divaesque vocals from Aisha and New York flavor. Remixes from Hot Creations latest shooting star, Denney, widely accomplished house music producers, Murk and re-edit champion, Adesse Versions cast their own flair and finesse on the material, while second original track, 'Together', gives a taste of Citizenn's assorted musical leanings and future alms.

Starting his musical life as a drummer, Laurence Blake's Citizenn alias did not come into play until after a successful career in video directing, working with the likes of Aluna George and Little Boots. Awarded the title of DJ Mag's 'Breakthrough DJ' in 2013, Citizenn has had releases on Kerri Chandler's Madtech Label, Waze & Odyssey's Street Tracks and London-based Love Fever Records. He recently added an 'N' to his name and appeared on 2020 Recordings with a stellar Hercules & Love Affair remix.

Denney has recently been heavily championed by Annie Mac and his fast becoming one of the biggest selling artist on the Hot Creations label. Murk is also known as Funky Green Dogs and Oscar G & Ralph Falcon, behind some of the most recognizable records of the past twenty five years. Adesse Versions is adored for bringing a cut and paste ethos to house music, paying tribute to musical idols and creating timeless music for the body and soul.


Tied (12" Mix)
Together (As A People)

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat#: CRM141
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution

'Human Interface' will be released on June 15th 2015.