samedi 3 mars 2018

David Squillace - Once Upon A Time In Napoli (CRMLP036)

In a much anticipated return, one of the scene's most esteemed producers Davide Squillace is back with a ten track album. To be released on Crosstown Rebels this march, 'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' provides an eclectic range of both hard-hitting and introspective productions. This release paves the way for an exciting year ahead with several more releases in the pipeline.

Prepare to be immediately drawn into the album with effervescent opening track 'The Boogie Man'. Exploring a range of wooden percussion, Squillace layers up with distant chord synthesis, statement vocal and a sturdy kick. 'In The Mood For Love' follows with an array of drum pad beats developing gradually in to an anticipated second drop littered with claps and sitar-esque melodies. Distorted vocals and incredible percussion, provided by Italian drum guru Paki Palmieri, form the basis of 'Dada Is Back'. 'How We Communicate' has an otherworldly feel with gnarled vocals and energetic snares.

"'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' is the story of my twenty years in dance music. The album covers the many textures of this journey, with influences of the early days in Naples to my Circoloco residency in Ibiza. Ranging from the warmth of classic analogue synths to the crisp precision of digital beats" Davide Squillace.

The second half of the album starts off with a solid kick, chok-full of wildlife samples, 'Noah' is a enaging cosmos of indigenous experimentation. The gradual nature of 'Holy Motors' leaves the listener hankering for more and carrying on the lively vibe. 'Vostok'  is not for the fainthearted. Squillace incorporates filthy bass, mad klaxons, cowbells and a whole heap of variety into this exorbitant tune. And finally 'Napoli Texas' opens with a delicate symbol and floundering bassline. An excellent example of the renowned producer's dancefloor filling production.

1. The Boogie Man (Feat. Alex Nazar)
2. Dada Is Back (Feat. Paki Palmieri's Drums)
3. In The Mood For Love
4. How We Communicate
5. Noah
6. Holy Motors
7. Vostok
8. Napoli Texas

Released: 30/03/2018
Cat#: CRMLP036
Distribution: Above Board