samedi 26 mai 2018

Ost & Kjex - Private Dancer (CRM199)

Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex make a welcome return to Crosstown Rebels. Their 'Private Dancer' EP is a masterclass in producing dance-floor ready rhythms. They welcome fellow Norwegian Whalesharkattacks to the mix to provide her dark yet dreamy vocals.

"We had a fascination with Tina's Private Dancer since first being exposed to it by Pat Sharp on Sky Trax in the 80's. Whalsharkattacks personifies everything that's cool about the 80's, so when we met her we knew we had to cut a version" Ost & Kjex.

'Private Dancer' is as dark as it is melodic, with eerie drum pads and a medley of dreamt synths. Norwegian vocalist Whalesharkattacks, whose music has been described as 808 goth, lends a distorted vocal. On 'Nughtingale', a burdenging bass adds a sense of urgency interlaced with vocal reminiscent of the 80s era. Cosmic synths float side by side samples of beautiful bird song. A titillating work of art with a mesmerizing beat.

1. Private Dancer (Feat. Whalesharkattacks)
2. Nightingale

Released: 25/05/2018
Cat#: CRM199
Distribution: Above Board

jeudi 26 avril 2018

Magit Cacoon - History In The Makin' (RBL052)

Magit Cacoon returns to Rebellion with her second EP, 'History In The Makin''. A brace of hypnotic originals supply dreamlike soundscapes, with LA-based DAVI remixing second track 'Aussi' into a deep technoid realm.

The Berlin-based producer /DJ began her electronic journey in her homeland, Tel-Aviv. She started Girl Unit in 2011 and has furnished labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Variety Music and Muna Muzik with her hypnotic sound, plus released her debut album 'Other Dimension' in 2015 on Upon You Records.

A slow forming construction builds around a sturdy sub-bass and unrelenting percussion line for the opener 'History In The Makin''. Magit reveals "The hypnotic, melodic repetition that concentrates itself on the vocal keeps one in the moment, in a crimson red frame of mind...warmth stemming from the beats do not take the fascination off the words sung but instead accompany them, making the track whole".

Second track 'Aussi'  leads with dynamic hat programming, as a calm, spoken vocal sends this already trippy cut into a something transcendent. DAVI's remix possess more bounce from the off, as he switches Magit's minimalistic trip into a deep techy groover.

1. History In The Makin'
2. Aussi
3. Aussi (DAVI Remix)

Pastaboys - Kolo Kolo (CRM198)

The next offering on Crosstown Rebels comes from Italian trio Pastaboys, who gift us with a rhythmic and hypnotic three-parter. They invite the inimitable Rebolledo to take on remix duties to complete this package.

The EP is a trance-inducing affair. The trio lures us in with opener 'Kolo Kolo'. Its funky rhythm sets a precedent as its trance-inducing power builds layer into an intoxicating and hypnotic groove. 'Abbassa' is up next. Heavy on the bass, with a sensuality that is palpable. The African vocal adds a tribal touch before the track tumbles into a crescendo of urgent synths. Rebolledo's version of Abbassa is a more cosmic affair, staying true to his psychedelic inclinations and with added a bass guitar groove.

Pastaboys have been releasing music since the dawn of the new millenium. They have showcased their tasteful and highly refined productions on imprints such as 83 West and Defected. Releases such as Born Again, Body Resonance, Limit, Hozho, Deep Musique prove that their music is timeless and that dance music is still a matter of groove and soul.

1. Kolo Kolo
2. Abbassa
3. Abbassa (Rebolledo's Mixed Pasta)

Released: 11/05/2018
Cat#: CRM198
Distribution: Above Board


Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Five Moons (Feat. Chela) (CRM196)

Damian Lazarus' magical live project 'The Ancient Moons' returns today with their new single "Five Moons".

The band led by Damian Lazarus is comprised of Ben Chetwood on drums, Rob Gentry on keyboards and new vocalist J Appiah. 'On Five Moons' they are also joined by the Australian punk sensation Chela for a dubbed out, soulful excursion into the darker recesses of the dancefloor.

The Ancient Moons first debuted in 2014 with 'Lover's Eyes', and followed that with the acclaimed album 'Message From The Other Side', dubbed a "journey into techno's dreamiest recesses" by The Fader and a "psychedelic masterpiece" by Vice. Since then, The Ancient Moons have travelled the world with their highly immersive live show, supported Roisin Murphy on tour and played at Glastonbury festival and Melt! amongst others.

1. Five Moons
2. Five Moons (Jamie Jones Igazu Remix)
3. Five Moons (Luciano Remix)

Released: 06/04/2018
Cat#: CRM196
Distribution; Abobe Board

Serge Devant - White Groove (CRM197)

Serge Devant returns to one of his favored labels with his 'White Groove' EP, delivering a pair of deep, textured tracks that will vitalize any rigid dancefloor. Archie Hamilton makes his Crosstown Rebels debut and supplies a punchy, tripped-out revision of lead track 'White Groove'.

White Groove is an absorbing mix of rumbling sub bass, soft, textured percussion, and ethereal pads. Loose percussion and a tough kick carve out the initial vibe on 'Connect To Server'. A hypnotizing, low-riding synth is the final layer and helps generate even more groove into this peak time roller.

Archie Hamilton switches up White Groove, revising the bassline into a buzzing, forward pushing rhythm but retains the mystical feel of the original, bolstering the whirring pads and using intricate percussive sounds and FX.

Serge Devant hails from Brooklyn, NY and released his seminal track 'Fearing Love' in 2015 on Emerald City. Since then he has been championed by Damian Lazarus, a firm favorite on both Crosstown Rebels and Rebellion, whilst also receiving plaudits for his releases on Knee Deep In Sound and Circus Recordings. Moscow Records, Moss.Co and Arkytip owner Archie hamilton is one of the UK's most promising talents, consistently releasing high quality house and techno on the likes of Get Physical, Fuse London, 2020 Vision, Fear Of Flying among others.

1. White Groove
2. Connect To server
3. White Groove (Archie Hamilton Remix)

Released: 27/04/2018
Cat#: CRM197
Distribution: Above Board

samedi 3 mars 2018

David Squillace - Once Upon A Time In Napoli (CRMLP036)

In a much anticipated return, one of the scene's most esteemed producers Davide Squillace is back with a ten track album. To be released on Crosstown Rebels this march, 'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' provides an eclectic range of both hard-hitting and introspective productions. This release paves the way for an exciting year ahead with several more releases in the pipeline.

Prepare to be immediately drawn into the album with effervescent opening track 'The Boogie Man'. Exploring a range of wooden percussion, Squillace layers up with distant chord synthesis, statement vocal and a sturdy kick. 'In The Mood For Love' follows with an array of drum pad beats developing gradually in to an anticipated second drop littered with claps and sitar-esque melodies. Distorted vocals and incredible percussion, provided by Italian drum guru Paki Palmieri, form the basis of 'Dada Is Back'. 'How We Communicate' has an otherworldly feel with gnarled vocals and energetic snares.

"'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' is the story of my twenty years in dance music. The album covers the many textures of this journey, with influences of the early days in Naples to my Circoloco residency in Ibiza. Ranging from the warmth of classic analogue synths to the crisp precision of digital beats" Davide Squillace.

The second half of the album starts off with a solid kick, chok-full of wildlife samples, 'Noah' is a enaging cosmos of indigenous experimentation. The gradual nature of 'Holy Motors' leaves the listener hankering for more and carrying on the lively vibe. 'Vostok'  is not for the fainthearted. Squillace incorporates filthy bass, mad klaxons, cowbells and a whole heap of variety into this exorbitant tune. And finally 'Napoli Texas' opens with a delicate symbol and floundering bassline. An excellent example of the renowned producer's dancefloor filling production.

1. The Boogie Man (Feat. Alex Nazar)
2. Dada Is Back (Feat. Paki Palmieri's Drums)
3. In The Mood For Love
4. How We Communicate
5. Noah
6. Holy Motors
7. Vostok
8. Napoli Texas

Released: 30/03/2018
Cat#: CRMLP036
Distribution: Above Board


dimanche 4 février 2018

Jonathan Kaspar - Boson (RBL050)

Taking the first step into 2018, Rebellion welcomes Cologne’s Jonathan Kaspar. Hot on the heels of his debut release Zarun on Crosstown Rebels as part of the new Spirits compilation, the accomplished producer invites us into his world to deliver a wholly mystical two track EP.

Deep, rumbling pads swell and fall as subtle shakes entice the senses in title track Boson. Sonder soon follows with melodic bursts and deep chords in dreamy layers. “I made both tracks right after each other and immediately felt they paired up really nicely,” Jonathan reveals. ‘Boson’ is raw, bassy and percussive, whereas ‘Sonder’ holds a certain deepness, a hidden vocal and a lot of different noises. I remember so many nights and days playing them out. They are like the soundtrack of my 2017.“

DJ and producer Jonathan Kaspar has released on the likes of Objektivity, Pets Recordings and Kompakt´s KX, while also being resident of the famed Gewölbe club. A standout of last year was his massive Ibiza anthem, Khaya, named in Pete Tong’s top ten ‘Class of 2017’. Big things are set for 2018, starting with remixes for Catz ´n Dogz, Hyenah and Pokerflat plus this solo EP on Rebellion.

1. Boson
2. Sonder

Released: 09/02/2018
Cat#: RBL050