mardi 1 août 2017

Bedouin - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (CRM186)

Bedouin is the Brooklyn-based production and DJ partnership between nomads Rami Abousade and Tamer Malki. Bringing their unique spell of melodies and rhythms to Crosstown Rebels, they deliver their cover version of the famous Pink Floyd classic, 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun'. Guy Gerber also steps in to deliver a deeply mystical dance floor remix.

Sharing an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing and world travels, here Bedouin deliver some of their best productions to date. "Getting the chance to play the song to Pink Floyd's drummer Nick Mason personally and him liking it was very exciting for us. We're also happy to have the very talented and our good friend Guy Gerber to be the first ever to remix one of our tracks. The B-side, 'Guacamole', is an original track conceived in Mexico and made for the dance floor."

In 2016, as well as touring the world extensively, Bedouin curated a compilation entitled Kindisch Stories and had the honor of recording an essential Mix for Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show. 2017 saw the launch of their brand SAGA at Heart Ibiza, where they turn Ibiza Sundays into a mirage of musical odysseys. Guy Gerber also runs his highly successful Rumors party in Ibiza on Sundays, which takes the same name as his acclaimed record label.

1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Guy Gerber Remix)
3. Guacamole

Released: 25/08/2017
Cat#: CRM186
Distribution: Above Board

mardi 11 juillet 2017

Josif - Reclaim The Light (RBL047)

Next up on Rebellion is josif with his Reclaim The Light EP, delivering four original dancefloor cuts. Since his debut release back in 2008, the British producer has gained support from the industry's most respected tastemakers with his impeccable arrangements.

"This EP is one I'm probably most proud of because it encapsulates all these different sides of me and how I write my music. 'Reclaim The Light' is a love song I wrote whilst trying to save a relationship; 'Billions' I wrote after being in the jungle listening to Luciano and Dixon. 'I Know You (Love Me)' is a record I've been trying to write for about 10 years - delicate, classy, subtle. 'Picaro' I wrote in about twenty five minutes on my father's kitchen table after watching a Jeff Porcaro documentary" josif.

The opening track, 'Reclaim The Light', is a vocal-led, house track complete with seamless percussion and melody. 'Billions No Trumpets' follows suit, an entirely new ethnic feel, with chanting vocals and wooden percussion. Complete with chimes and delicate piano, 'I Know You (Love Me)' enchants throughout before dropping into a solid kick snare. Finally, 80's-esque synths and a raucous drumbeat conclude the EP in 'Picaro'.

Following a whirlwind of standout releases with the likes of Wolf+Lamb, Mobilee Records and Ministry Of Sound in 2010, josif has cemented himself as a unique musical voice in the world of electronic music. His impressive and versatile mixing skills have taken him across the globe and led to his release kicking off the infamous Balance series in 2013 The London-based artist is currently putting the final touches to his album and accompanying live show.

1. Reclaim The Light
2. Billions No Trumpet
3. I Know You (Love Me)
4. Picaro

Released: 18/08/2017
Cat#: RBL047
Distribution: Above Board


jeudi 22 juin 2017

Deniz Kurtel - The Fifth House (CRM185)

Leading lady and artistic talent Deniz Kurtel returns to Crosstown Rebels to explore new production sounds, venturing deeper into the realms of dub and beyond with 'The Fifth House'. It is also with huge honor that the release includes a stunning melodic remix from highly sophisticated producer Trevino following his recent passing.

"Over the last few years, I've been cultivating The Fufth House both as a physical space and a state of mind, where I have joined my various artistic projects under one banner. Conceived from the astrological comcept that life emanates from twelve terrains of experience, The Fifth House is the house of pleasure associated with creative expression and true love. This release is one part of a continuous journey where I explore new sounds and creative territories, which I developed simultaneously with an art and music space of the same name in Brooklyn. I'm honored to have met Trevino through his remix of The Fifth House, and deeply saddened by his recent passing. Massive respect for this beautiful talent." Deniz Kurtel.

Since her first album Music Watching Over Me was released on Crosstown Rebels back in 2011, Deniz Kurtel has continued to push boundaries creatively through her art and music. Focusing on LED light installation, Deniz has travelled the world with her stunning live show which incorporates both of her talents. Her second album 'The Way We Live' dropped on Wolf + Lamb in 2012 which received high acclaim. More recent releases also appeared on Rumors and No.19.

Marcus Julian Kaye is better known by his drum and bass stage name Marcus Intalex, and also his house and techno pseudonym, Trevino. He founded the record labels Soul:R, Revolve:R and Birdie which served as a platform for his music with notable recent releases also on the likes Hotflush, The Nothing Special, Aus Music and Klockworks. Such a highly respected figure in the industry, many have been shaken by Marcus' passing and in his honor all profits from his remix will be donated to the charity of his family's choice.

1. The Fifth House
2. The Fifth House (Trevino Remix)
3. Coming From Dance

Released: 21/07/2017
Cat#: CRM185
Distribution: Above Board


mercredi 21 juin 2017

Mark Jenkyns - 4.1 (RBL046)

Mark Jenkyns returns to the Crosstown Rebels family with his latest release on their sister label Rebellion. Complete with a remix from label newcomer James Dexter, 4.1 is an array of tribal beats, exploratory percussion and mesmerizing vocals.

Taking a divergent approach to his production, evocative vocals envelope a naggingly effective bassline and melody in title track 4.1. Jenkyns explains that 'the track is something different, it's a little groover with a hypnotic vocal perfect for outside parties'. On the flip, James Dexter has curated an almost entirely different track on the remix, bringing his signature bassline to the space-age electronic samples.

Formerly a steel engineer, Jenkyns discovered his passion for djing and production after his first season on the White Isle. Earning his stripes through numerous gigs and a residency for Paradise at DC 10, Jenkyns has had several releases on Hot Creations as well as Suara, Of Unsound Mind, Lost And Viva.

A reputable figure within house music, James Dexter boasts an impressive array of previous releases on the likes of Poker Flat Recordings, Dessous Recordings and Holid Trax. These productions have earned James regular features and chart success on download sites, Beatport and Traxsource.

1. 4.1
2. 4.1 (James Dexter Remix)

Released: 14/07/2017
Cat#: RBL046
Distribution: Above Board


mardi 20 juin 2017

SIS - The Blind Side (CRM184)

Bringing his signature sound to Crosstown rebels, delightfully unconventional producer SIS delivers his third release on the label, 'The Blind Side'. Hot on the heels of his Boabab album on Mobilee, Rodriguez Jr. delivers a stunning remix to complete the package.

'The Blind Side'  is set to soundtrack the summer with its exotic and intricate drum workouts and infectious vocal cuts. On the flip, Rodriguez Jr. brings in deep pads and uplifting melodic keys for a whole new take on the original. Burak Sar Aka SIS reveals that 'Rodriguez Jr. was one of the few people I've always wanted to remix my music. So this is the most important EP for me so far on Crosstown Rebels.'

Taking his artistic enthusiasm from his Turkish father  SIS grew up in Berlin surrounded by music. Following a series of releases on Nick Curly's cecille, the German producer was picked up by Ricardo Villalobos who loved his track 'Trompeta' so much that he released it on his boutique label Sei Es Drum in 2008. His success of 'Trompeta' led to an avalanche of recognition. he was named both 'Producer of the Year' by Groove Magazine and 'Newcomer of the Year' by Raveline Mag. In 2011 SIS launched his own label Cocolino where he released his debut three-part album 'Dejame'.

Olivier mateu Aka Rodriguez Jr. grew up in the south of France and moved to Paris as a young adult and soon formed the electro group The Youngsters. Signed by Laurent Garnier to F Communications, the duo released two albums and a string of successful singles. Focusing on a different alias, Rodriguez Jr. gave Olivier the freedom to run with his creativity, which can be seen in his acclaimed live shows.

1. The Blind Side
2.The Blind Side (Rodriguiez Jr. Remix)

Released: 07/07/2017
Cat#: CRM184
Distribution: Above Board


mardi 30 mai 2017

Serge Devant & Damiano Feat. Camille Safiya - Thinking Of You (CRM183)

Following monumental releases on both Rebellion and Crosstown Rebels, Serge Devant is back on board the label to deliver one of his best to date. The immensely sensual Thinking Of You sees his team up once again with Damiano and Camille Safiya with invigorating remixes from heavy-weights Reboot and Art Department.

Serge Devant has been turning heads since the seminal Fearing Love feat. Camille Safiya dropped in 2015 on Emerald City, picking up the Best Music Video Award at the 2016 Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival. Serge reveals : "It was so nice to have the same company back in the studio to work on more magic !" 'Thinking Of You' breaths the air of summer with its blissfully smooth chords and deep hypnotic tones. He explains "This record took some time to finish; we recorded so many good vocal bits, it made it difficult to choose what to keep.". Serge also provides an electrifying 'Floor Cut' for those later hours.

Frankfurt's Reboot brings his flavor to the release with intricate percs and deep underlying pads. Growing up in Sven Väth's Omen Club, the talented musician now spearheads the 'New Sound Of Frankfurt' and has released on a wealth of labels like Connaisseur Recordings, Supplement Facts, Combi Int, Moon Harbour, Cadenza and Get Physical Music.

Welcomed back on Crosstown Rebels , No. 19 boss Jonny White Aka Art Department delivers a raw, techno cut in his 'Modular Perspective' Remix, complemented by his 'Jaded Perspective'remix which packs more swing but hold techno energy for the dancefloor. Jonny has seen almost unparalleled success in the world of dance music and continues to be at the forefront of the industry with a huge focus on his record labels and his in-demand label showcases that take the name of his vinyl only label, Social Experiment Records.

1. Thinking Of You
2. Thinking Of You (Serge Devant's Floor Cut)
3. Thinking Of You (Reboot's 'Kadaitcha Man' Rework)
4. Thinking Of You (Art Department's 'Modular Perspective' Remix)
5. Thinking Of You (Art Department 'Jaded Perspective' Remix)

Released: 23/06/2017
Cat#: CRM183
Distribution: Above Board

mercredi 17 mai 2017

Stimmhalt - Dreams (RBL045)

Up next on Crosstown Rebels' sub-label Rebellion is Georgia-born Stimmhalt. 'Dreams' , his debut release with the label, features alongside an entrancing remix from esteemed producer and composer Pezzner.

A vast array of digital and vinyl releases under his belt, Stimmhalt Aka David Gvaberidze makes a fine addition to the Rebellion roster. Dreams provides an excellent demonstration of his ability to combine the hard-hitting basslines with uplifting chords, an ideal early hours soundtrack. On the remix, Pezzner has brought his exceptional composition skills to the table to create a bouncy acompaniament to the original.

Inspired by his first performance at Burning Man back in 2015, David explains " music now is based on deep, spiritual and ethnic music."Taking his influence from a range of genres including Asian, Arabic and Georgian folk music, Stimmhalt is not your average electronic artist.

Having previously released on Underyourskin Records and L'Enfant Terrible among others, Stimmhalt the man himself remains enigmatic, known purely for his artistic talent. Pezzner, a teacher, producer and composer of music has previously released on: Get Physical, Freerange, Visionquest and Systematic among others, and returns once more to Rebellion having released his One More Ep in 2011.

1. Dreams
2. Dreams (Pezzner Remix)

Released: 16/06/2017
Cat#: RBL045
Distribution: Above Board