jeudi 26 avril 2018

Magit Cacoon - History In The Makin' (RBL052)

Magit Cacoon returns to Rebellion with her second EP, 'History In The Makin''. A brace of hypnotic originals supply dreamlike soundscapes, with LA-based DAVI remixing second track 'Aussi' into a deep technoid realm.

The Berlin-based producer /DJ began her electronic journey in her homeland, Tel-Aviv. She started Girl Unit in 2011 and has furnished labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Variety Music and Muna Muzik with her hypnotic sound, plus released her debut album 'Other Dimension' in 2015 on Upon You Records.

A slow forming construction builds around a sturdy sub-bass and unrelenting percussion line for the opener 'History In The Makin''. Magit reveals "The hypnotic, melodic repetition that concentrates itself on the vocal keeps one in the moment, in a crimson red frame of mind...warmth stemming from the beats do not take the fascination off the words sung but instead accompany them, making the track whole".

Second track 'Aussi'  leads with dynamic hat programming, as a calm, spoken vocal sends this already trippy cut into a something transcendent. DAVI's remix possess more bounce from the off, as he switches Magit's minimalistic trip into a deep techy groover.

1. History In The Makin'
2. Aussi
3. Aussi (DAVI Remix)

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