jeudi 11 février 2016

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka - Face The Truth (CRM156)

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka lay down their Chicago flavor on Crosstown Rebels with "Face The Truth". The release features three originals with hot properly Audiojack in the remix.

Wright, formely of Hercules & Love Affair, provides the vocals to each track with rich, sultry tones timely placed across heavy basslines, hypnotic rhythms and high energy percussion. Wright & Alinka explain 'after spending several months abroad (Alinka in Europe, Shaun in Australia) we were both newly charged and eager to get back to work. Fusing the classic sounds of Chicago with freshly gained perspectives of dance music around the globe, this EP was birthed from spontaneous experimentation and the well-versed exchange developed within a long standing collaboration.'

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka met in 2012 and launched into global success with their first EP, 'Twirl Volume 1', on Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter's famed Classic Music Company. A series of successful releases and remixes ensued with follow up 'Twirl Volume 2' dropping only last year. In 2013 the pair launched their twirl party series, which featured guests such as Eli Escobar, Derrick Carter, The Black Madonna and DJ Samson. In 2014, they expanded the Twirl brand into a record label and their debut release 'Journey Into The Deep' received a wealth of support including Radio 1's Annie Mac and Heidi.

Celebrating ten years of making music, Leeds bred, Ibiza based Audiojack recently released 'Vibrate' with Kevin Knapp on Hot Creations. New releases are set to follow on 2020Vision, Tsuba and their own Gruuv.

1. Face The Truth
2. Face The Truth (Audiojack Remix)
3. Pleasure
4. My Heart Is Sincere

Released: 01/04/2016
Cat#: CRM156
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board


jeudi 4 février 2016

Matthew Styles - Sleepless (CRM155)

A true unsung heroes of the underground house community, Matthew Styles is an effortless producer and faultless DJ, making him the perfect regular at the likes of Panorama Bar in Berlin, and putting his skills as an engineer in demand for many luminaries.

A decade ago he was at the healm of Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels as its first label manager, steering it through some of its most successful releases, and he has since made his footprint as a producer in his own right. Last year he steered the fourth episode of Crosstown Rebels Rebel Rave mix series, said by Mixmag to "create a sense of excitement that no podcast ever will".

"I've got a very long history with Crosstown Rebels, but I'd never given Damian a demo up until now" explains Styles. "However I felt that with these songs they were right for the label and I was very happy that he agreed. Each track represents a different mood but I think all fit with the label's ethos". Moving from the solid, big room sound of 'Clandestine Emotions', into the layered beats and bleeps of 'Wrong Move', through to the classic breakbeat of 'Avon' and gentle elegant basslines of 'Sleepless', Matthew Styles proves he can master any style and keep his authentic sound embedded within it.

Firmly schooled in the history of dance music as a DJ, Styles's father was a disc-jockey and long time member of DJ culture pioneers DMC, instilling in him the age-old tradition of moving a crowd with music. From a recording career on esteemed imprints such as Running Back, Ostgut Ton and Rekids, and regular appearances at clubs such as Fabric,, Munich's Bob Beaman, Concrete in Paris and the aforementioned Panorama Bar, Matthew's priority has been intrinsically placed with servicing the needs of a dance floor.

1. Clandestine Emotions
2. Wrong Move
3. Avon
4. Sleepless

Released: 18/03/2016
Cat#: CRM155
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board