jeudi 26 avril 2018

Serge Devant - White Groove (CRM197)

Serge Devant returns to one of his favored labels with his 'White Groove' EP, delivering a pair of deep, textured tracks that will vitalize any rigid dancefloor. Archie Hamilton makes his Crosstown Rebels debut and supplies a punchy, tripped-out revision of lead track 'White Groove'.

White Groove is an absorbing mix of rumbling sub bass, soft, textured percussion, and ethereal pads. Loose percussion and a tough kick carve out the initial vibe on 'Connect To Server'. A hypnotizing, low-riding synth is the final layer and helps generate even more groove into this peak time roller.

Archie Hamilton switches up White Groove, revising the bassline into a buzzing, forward pushing rhythm but retains the mystical feel of the original, bolstering the whirring pads and using intricate percussive sounds and FX.

Serge Devant hails from Brooklyn, NY and released his seminal track 'Fearing Love' in 2015 on Emerald City. Since then he has been championed by Damian Lazarus, a firm favorite on both Crosstown Rebels and Rebellion, whilst also receiving plaudits for his releases on Knee Deep In Sound and Circus Recordings. Moscow Records, Moss.Co and Arkytip owner Archie hamilton is one of the UK's most promising talents, consistently releasing high quality house and techno on the likes of Get Physical, Fuse London, 2020 Vision, Fear Of Flying among others.

1. White Groove
2. Connect To server
3. White Groove (Archie Hamilton Remix)

Released: 27/04/2018
Cat#: CRM197
Distribution: Above Board

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