mercredi 29 avril 2015

Aphrohead - Let's Prance (CRM143)

Over twenty years on Felix 'Da Housecat' Stallings first endeavours under the Aphrohead alter ego, the US production and DJ legend announces a new album on Crosstown Rebels, with new single, 'Let's Prance', a stellar introduction to the project.

"Aphrohead has been off the grid for a minute, this is the Ressurection, since unicorns dance, Let's Prance" Aphrohead.

The Aphrohead alias was born back in 1993 as another outlet for prolific Chicago producer Felix Stallings, hailing instant anthems in 'In The Dark We Live', 'Thee Lite', 'Thee Industry made Me Do It' & 'Thee Underground Made Me Do It', creating a precedent in 90's techno on halcyon labels Bush, Global Cuts, Power Music, Thee Black Label & Radikal Fear.

'Let's Prance' is a long-anticipated eruption, it's futuristic tremors the first visions of a timeless album for Crosstown Rebels, complete with raw and industrial reworks from Art Department & BLUD, Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey and Christopher Trücher (the album's co-producer).

A musical eccentric, Felix Stallings has never been afraid to take risks and break new ground, consistently captivating the electronic music field for over two decades. The legendary techno producer ressurects his Aphrohead infamous guise with new vision for his new album on Crosstown Rebels, coming in September 2015.

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release Date: 08/06/2015
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution
Cat #: CRM143

- Let's Prance
- Let's Prance (Art Department & BLUD Remix)
- Let's Prance (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix)
- Let's Prance (Christopher's Groove Dub Mix)


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