jeudi 23 mai 2013

Him_Self_Her - A Release on Crosstown ??

Him_Self_Her (AKA Claire Spooner & Leon Baggotts) are a Midlands based DJ / Producer duo formed in 2011, when the paths of two experienced DJs crossed at a number of Midlands events and they began to realize the deep love of house they both shared.

2012 looks a good year for this male / female duo with their first EP snapped up by Chris James & BUBBA's "Running Wild" label, EPs forthcoming on Cream Couture & No Agenda Music, and their productions and DJ sets catching the attention of the big names in the industry.

Now that they have signed with the label that makes my heart beat, we can expect the release of their first EP on Crosstown Rebels.

Just listen to what it sounds like (it ROCKS):

Him_Self_Her - Gone Too Long

Him_Self_Her - Three Minutes

Him_Self_Her - Love With You

Him_Self_Her - Calling

Him_Self_Her - Inside Out (Feat. Kieran Fowkes)

Don't waste your time anymore & visit their Soundcloud

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