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Scene Selection : Crosstown Rebels

What is there to say about Crosstown Rebels? By now, you should know everything there is to know about one of contemporary house music's most pioneering labels.
Founded by the scene's favourite sorcerer Damian Lazarus (pictured above), Crosstown Rebels is currently celebrating its 100th release. Tiga's 'The Picture' marks a seminal milestone for the label, which has been responsible for tunes from Jamie Jones, Art Department, Amirali, Dinky, Subb-An, Maceo Plex, Laurent Garnier, Luke Solomon and Dan Ghenacia. The list goes on...
Crosstown has just released the debut album from Fur Coat, proving Damian Lazarus and his gang are very much at the forefront of new-skool house. Check Fur Coat's Mix Of The Week for Mixmag here.
We got the lowdown on Crosstown from label manager The Ginger Prince (best name ever?). We also got an exclusive mix of label tunes from rising star Francesca Lombardo. Check everything out below. Damian and crew, we salute you!

3 - SIS - FORWARD LINE - Original Mix
4 - Art Department - WITHOUT YOU - Original Mix
5 - Inxec And Droog – WESTBOUND - Original Mix
6 - Dan Ghenacia – Globe
7 - Matthew Johnson - Dayz

How did Crosstown begin? What’s the how, where and why?
Crosstown began when the stars aligned, the heavens opened and delivered upon to East London a label like no other... In the year of our Lord 2003, around Damian's house.
How does Crosstown choose artists? Do you regularly listen to demos or do you like to get to know a producer personally first?
Through the meeting of like minded souls, who have a similar sonic aesthetic and agenda. Some artists are friends who become artists, some are artists who become friends and some from demos. A relative smorgasbord of talent.
What’s the ethos of Crosstown Rebels? Is there a general label vibe or mission statement?
Release cutting edge music, hold the best parties and be nice to your mum.
What sound does Crosstown Rebels specialise in? Do you feel like the label is contributing to a certain scene or genre or is what you put out more flexible and varied than that?
Discovering and championing new talent. Having an inspiring A&R philosophy, being a tightly run ship that takes care of all the crew and passengers with consummate respect and love.
What’s the best situation in which to listen to Crosstown's tunes?
It's up to the individual: in the bath, on the dancefloor...Or in a bath on a dancefloor... Now that's a party!
Have you ever heard a Crosstown record go off at a party and thought “job done!”? What’s the best reaction you’ve had to a release?
I don't know if it serves to be so self sanctimonious, but Crosstown have released some killer records in 10 years which have certainly done the job and then some!
Who do you wish you had signed? Anyone you’ve missed out on and kicked yourself about after?
Best not to regret or dwell on past mistakes.
What’s behind Crosstown’s aesthetic? Who does your art and is it a big part of what the label does?
Mostly Damian and the artists. We use various designers from Jeffrey Design, Ana Rifa and most recently Pilar Zeta. Art and music are entwined.
What’s next for Crosstown?
Albums from Acid Pauli, Ali Love, Francesca Lombardo and Art Department plus our 100th single from Tiga with Subb-an remix (out now) and more from Just Be (Matthew Bushwacka), Aidan Lavelle, Infinity Ink, Jamie Jones, Fur Coat, Jozif and Amirali to name a few... Plus a lot of superior underground music from our Rebellion label.

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