vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Alex Dimou - Tot (RBL048)

Almost one year on from his last release on the label, Athens based Alex Dimou releases a stellar EP for Rebellion showcasing his wide musical range over three tracks. The ultra depths of piano driven lead track Tot , the wobbly, twisted rhythms of Define  and the tech-house slam poetry of Constellation all showcase the many sides of Alex Dimou.

His debut release for the label, 'This Time', featured Namibian singer Black Soda, which inspired a new collaboration. Constellation was the outcome, which features South African slam poet Lazarusman, well known for his work with Stimming, DJ T and Djuma Soundsystem.
"I've been working on this EP for the past year. 'Tot' is one of my favorite tracks, where I've tried to blend my routes with newest influences. 'Constellation' came together almost a year agfo. It's a collaboration with Lazarusman, an artist I've always admired. 'Define' was made in Paris. During my live performance in a club, I realized that I needed a track with a vocoder vocal so I started working on it as soon as I went back to the hotel" Alex Dimou.

Anyone who has heard AlexDimou's impressive live-set will recognize these tracks that will now finally be released on Rebellion. Other releases can be found on the likes of Get Physical, Audiomatique Recordings and Kindisch.

1. Tot
2. Constellation (Feat. Lazarusman)
3. Define

Released: 22/09/2017
Cat#: RBL048

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