vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Satori - Umama (CRM188)

Giving us a preview of his forthcoming album MAKTUB, Satori is next to release on Crosstown Rebels with Umama. The single features alongside remixes from three of the most prominent artists today's house scene.

Demonstrating his incredible ability to incorporate world sounds into his music, Satori mesmerizes with Umama. Amidst a soirée of African percussion is a soothing hypnotic chant, all encased in alluring synths. Italian legend Riva Starr's jazzy take on the original, integrates the chanting vocal as a futuristic anthem. Louie Vega maintains an ethnic feel. His remix, alongside an instrumental, encompasses futuristic synths with a sturdy kick throughout.

Comprised almost entirely of live instruments, Satori explained how his love for malian desert blues inspired Umama. "I was fascinated by the rhythms, the scales, the harmony and the way they use their voice. I studied it and translated it into electronic music". the song features on his debut album MAKTUB that will be released on Crosstown Rebels on 20th October 2017. In anticipation of his album release, Satori aside from performing his renowned live show, keeps himself busy coaching aspiring writers. Following the recent launch of imprint Brock Wild, Riva Starr comtinues to cement his position as one of the industry's most acclaimed artists. In early 2017 one half of Masters At Work, Louie Vega received a Grammy Nomination for Louie Vega Starring...XXVIII in the Best Dance Album category. Joeski has been hard at work in the studio, working solo on 'Lessons In Dub' for Poker Flat Recordings and the 14th installment of his Maya Sessions podcast.

1. Umama
2. Umama (Riva Starr Remix)
3. Umama (Louie Vega Remix)
4. Umama (Louie Vega Nu Bass Instrumental Remix)

Released: 29/09/2017
Cat#: CRM188
Distribution: Above Board


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