vendredi 10 juin 2016

Nesta & Silky Raven - Cedar Trees EP (RBL037)

Following in suit of the Rebellion ethos, Nesta & Silky Raven transport us to new worldly regions. This time Lebanon is explored through six immersive soundscapes in their 'Cedar Trees' EP.

The trio explain they were 'inspired by the melodies of old Lebanese songs. Samples from famous singers Wadih El Safi and Sabah from Beirut tell of Lebanon's heavenly beauty. We accompanied them with rhythmic modular noises, big string arrangements and lots of psychedelic guitar solos.'

Nabih Esta Aka Nesta is one of the most forward thinking heads in Beirut's electronic music scene and part of the legendary Überhaus and The Gärten family. He met Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe Aka Silky Raven, also well known as part of Wakeira, in Barcelona and invited them for a gig in Beirut in 2015. There Jakob and Henrik were introduced to and fell in love with the soulful and oriental sounds of Fairuz and Ziad El Rahbani, as Nabih drove them around the beautiful mountains surrounding the city.

The trio realized how well the traditional and modern electronic music matched and so began their musical collaboration. As they experimented with the sound, Nabih suggested they use his grandfather's best friend's music, who was the oriental music legend, Wadih El Safi. With the blessing from Safi's family, the trio sampled his voice and from that, 'Cedar Trees EP' was born.

1. Quarter Note Dub
2. Cedar Trees
3. Into Qadisha (Original)
4. Temple Of Bacchus
5. Into Qadisha (Qadisha Valley Mix)
6. Cedar Trees (Dub Version)

Released: 15/07/2016
Cat#: RBL037
Distribution: Above Board


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