dimanche 4 février 2018

SIS - Karmir Nur (CRM195)

SIS, the alias of Burak Sar, returns once again to Crosstown Rebels. Following on from releases such 2012's Round Pen, 2015's Sombra India and last year's The Blind Side, The German-born producer - heavily influenced by his Turkish roots - presents us with this tribal-threat.

SIS explains that it was sending his first ever demo tape to Crosstown Rebels in 2004 that initiated his relationship with the label and tells us to "expect some rolling dance floor breakers".

'Karmir Nur' gets the EP underway. Sensual strings abound with a heady, tribal chant that lulls you into a state of hypnosis. 'Tima' rolls along, building slowly as the layers pull you in deeper still towards those familiar strings. 'Dandini' brings back the tribal chanting. The vocals are backed by mesmeric drums, perfect for an intoxicating, dance floor procession.

Burak Sar has released a number of records on renowned imprint such as Get Physical Music, Mobilee and Cocoon Recordings as well as running his own successful label  Cocolino Records

1. Karmir Nur
2. Tima
3. Dandini

Released: 02/03/2018
Cat#: CRM195
Distribution: Above Board


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