mardi 16 janvier 2018

Pale Blue - You Stopped Dying (CRM194)

Pale Blue, the duo of Elizabeth Wight and Mike Simonetti, released their debut album too much critical acclaim back in 2015. They come together once again with their latest EP 'You Stopped Dying' due to drop on Crosstown Rebels in February.

"The 'You Stopped Dying' EP takes influence from shoegaze groups like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine and moves it to the dance floor...The result is a strange hybrid that some have called "technogaze"...This would never work if Liz wasn't such a strong vocalist. Her amazing vocal range makes it easy." Mike Simonetti.

Pale Blue is a hypnotic affair, the driving bass sitting perfectly under Wight's powerful yet ethereal vocals. 'Daughter Of Babylon' takes the record into heavier techno territory with its thudding bass and Wight's breathy vocals delicately layered over the top. On the flip side, 'Love' is an unapologetically industrial number with screeching synths that echo around Wight's vocals.

Simonetti and Wight have each earned their musical stripes in their own rights. Simonetti founded the hugely popular Italians Do It Better as well as his own successful record label 2MR. He has released a slew of records on highly regarded imprints such as Me Me Me, Correspondant and Public Release, and enjoys a fruitful career as a touring DJ, which shows no sign of abating. Wight has previously lent her exhilarating vocals to the West Coast band, Silver Hands of which she was once one half.

1. You Stopped Dying
2. Daughter Of Babylon
3. Love
4. Love (Dub)

Released: 16/02/2018
Cat#: CRM194
Distribution: Above Board

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