jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Timo Maas & James Teej - Thingzz (RBL029)

Industry heavy-weights Timo Maas & James Teej join together for the next Rebellion release 'Thingzz', delivering two wholly unique and infectious cuts of modern electronica.

Having started collaborating nearly three years ago via a remix swap off each other's album, Timo Maas & James Teej have since continued building on this musical foundation performing alongside each other, as well as having had the opportunity to join forces sharing their influences in a series of globe spanning studio sessions from Timo's countryside home in Germany to James' in South America. In these meetings, they have exchanged ideas, music, refined a vision, , and with the writing of THINGZZ, have established the starting point for the pair's musical output together. The THINGZZ EP began following a series of listening sessions that lead to an exploration around Timo's German countryside home outside Hannover where the two did extensive field recording sessions This served as the foundation and palette of sound to which the release was crafted, making a bold statement, with a confident yet tasteful take on contemporary electronica.

Title track 'Thingzz' is a 10 minute composition brimming with atmosphere. This is deep and dark intelligent dance music at it's finest, and the quality reinforces why these two are masters of their craft. Expertly programmed percussion, wide dynamic and spartial range, sounding unlike much else out there at the moment, this leading track delivers at every turn, progressing the listener along an ever expanding storyline. The B-side 'Shadows Of Your Suns' holds an intense, and raw energy, fusing together a relentless and original groove, sliding organic pads, and a droning organ field sampled at Alexanderplatz's Festival Market in Berlin. Perfectly formed for after hours emotions, the track grows together into an impressive beast of a production, and closes out the two's EP on a strong note.

Timo Maas' career has had an undeniable impact on the electronic music scene. For 30 years Timo has travelled the globe, gracing the very top end of club and festival stages, including his current 15th season as a resident of Ibiza's finest Circoloco DC10. Over Timo's illustrious production career he has released three studio albums, countless EP's, put his midas touch to remixes for Madonna, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim and earned a Grammy Awards nomination for his Tory Amos rework.

James Teej is a Canadian born, currently Ecuardor based electronic musician and DJ. He has been DJing and producing for nearly 20 years, releasing two critically acclaimed LPs and performing at the World's best clubs and events. Also known for his indie-electronic label and band, My Favorite Robot, he has previously released on Rekids, Last Night On Earth, No.19 Music, Rebirth, Supernature, We Play House, Get Physical and of course My Favorite Robot Records.

1. Thingzz
2. Shadows Of Your Suns

Cat #: RBL029
Released: 28/08/2015
Distributin: Above Board Distribution

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