mercredi 29 juillet 2015

SIS - Sombra India (CRM146)

Back onboard Crosstown Rebels, prolific DJ and producer SIS gets set to release the latin infused "Sombra India" featuring vocals from Eduardo Castillo who also provides a stunning remix.

"Last November I went to Pampa in Argentina to learn and become a master of Doma India, the way to tame horses ina gentle, peaceful way. I went to a taverna in Tucuman where Mercedes Sosa used to play back in the day. When I first listened to the original I got back flashes and every time when I listen to it I get goose bumps. The original is the inspiration for my track. The reaction in my sets is so lovely when I play it. Sometimes it's my opener and closer, as I love to do that sometimes in my sets, ending as it's begun." SIS.

The exotic "Sombra India" gets to work with slick guitar licks and a driving beat, enhanced with powerful and captivating vocals from Eduardo Castillo. Filled with energy, the Afro-House 'Sanura' is highly exotic as it transports you on a journey from the dancefloor. Eduardo Castillo's remix of 'Sombra India' takes a deeper otherworldly tone, one you can imagine hearing as the sun rises at the likes of Burning Man.

German native SIS shot into the limelight in 2008 with releases on Cecille and Ricardo Villalobos' label Sei Es Drum, which up until that point had only showcased Ricardo's own productions. No stranger to the Crosstown Rebels catalogue, he delivered the first ever Rebellion release and then later the 'Round Pen EP' on Crosstown Rebels in the summer of 2012 and the more recent 'Slider' on Rebellion. Other productions have appeared on esteemed labels such as Cocoon, 8Bit, Connaisseur, Get Physical, with a more recent album on Cocolino.

Eduardo Castillo is also a welcomed return to the Crosstown Rebels label and is the founder of the infamous VOODOO and HABITAS events from Los Angeles.


1. Sombra India Feat. Eduardo Castillo
2. Sanura
3. Sombra India Feat. Eduardo Castillo (Eduardo Castillo Remix)

Cat#: CRM146
Released: 31/08/2015
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board Distribution

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