lundi 11 juillet 2011


The U.K.’s Jamie Jones has quickly risen to the top of the dance-music ranks via a string of great singles, and his new album, Do You Remember the Future, will likely cement that position. As the name implies, the LP has a gleaming, sci-fi edge, hammered home by Jones’s spoken-word intro: “The year is 2116. It has been almost a century since the collapse and demise of the earth’s Western societies.” (Apparently, the Eastern ones are doing okay.) “I really just started randomly talking into a mike, and that’s what came out,” the producer, 28, admits. “It’s sort of by accident.” Whatever the case, it’s a great album, blending techno and house with a patina of ’80s-era electrofunk; one of the LP’s best tracks, “Galactic Space Bar,” even features vocals by original electrofunker Egyptian Lover.

There are some talents that remain inconspicuous and then there are some you canʼt ignore. Jamie Jones is the latter, quickly rising to superstar status in underground dance circles over recent years. Releases on Cocoon, Get Physical and BPitch have catapulted him to become a cult figure and he is widely admired for his true originality. From his debut single “Amazon”, to his latest anthem “Summertime”, his unique sound has won him worldwide audiences and this album has been widely anticipated as one to change the face of the current house music spectrum. With his debut LP ʻDonʼt You Remember The Futureʼ, Jamie Jones delivers an album of “intergalactic techno house, where old school prince meets cybertron.” A seamlessly blended up-tempo mix filled with eerie and energetic moments.

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