lundi 11 juillet 2011


DJ & producer Glimpse (Christopher Spero) releases his first full album in May, Runner. The album opens on my least favourite track, which i guess is a good thing, because technically it would be impossible to get any worse. Track 2 ‘If I was Your Girl‘ brings me exactly where i want to go. It has a dark, tech-house feel with a chunky drooling bass. ‘Things To Do In Denver‘ keeps us movin with a deep house track with a lot of vocal samples, this track picks up the pace. The album takes a side step for the next track, its deletes the funk elements and replaces them with some dark, eerie and spooky samples and gives off a trippy vibe. ‘New Beginnings’ is sixth in this ten pack of tracks and it bring up the pace up again. More tech-soul that could make you slip in to a coma or get you shakin’ your ass. The album pushes on and continues to fire more and more influences at us, house synth, jazz piano, bongos, oriental sounds, house vocal samples and stacks more. This is a massively eclectic album, and i guess that’s how an album should be. I think i’d have preferred a couple more big tunes on it like ‘Things To Do In Denver’ or ‘If I Was Your Girl’ I think i went into this album looking it to be a bit more banging, when in fact what i was listening to was a really great producer that was putting out a piece of music that was telling his story about his own influences. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of anything tech-house.

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