lundi 11 juillet 2011


Crosstown Rebels is proud to present its first artist album Familia by producer extraordinaire Pier Bucci.
Already something of a legend, Pier Bucci along with fellow countrymen Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano have lead the recent emergence of cutting edge electronica in Chile – producing some of the finest and most original works in the world. This Chilean trio is writing a new chapter of dance music, splicing traditional South American melody and rhythm with conventional electronic music to create an infectious hybrid.
Pier Bucci has previously recorded with Argenis Brito as Mambotur, with Argenis and Luciano as Monne Autonme, and he co-produced last year’s Lucien & Luciano’s album Blind Behaviour – but it’s with Crosstown Rebels he’s branched out as a solo artist working under his own name.
A masterpiece from an artist at the top of his game, Familia features 10 brand new and exclusive tracks creating the perfect balance of headphone sensibility and dancefloor abandon.

1. Tita
2. Towers
3. The R-8 Mooger
4. L’Nuit
5. Jesss
6. Hay Consuelo
7. Cosmix
8. Siberian
9. Pipostrack
10. Hydra

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