dimanche 19 mars 2017

NU - Man O To (CRM175)

Man O To from the elusive producer NU is finally set to be released as a single on Crosstown Rebels. Since its inclusion on Acid Pauli's Get Lost Compilation in 2012 the track has clocked up tens of millions of Youtube hits and now heralds in a much coveted artist album due later this year. Remix treatment comes from Parisian producer Pépé Bradock and live artist Be Svendsen.

A nomad of modern times, NU has travelled the continents with his diverse music to unearth his imitable style. Represented heavily in Man O To, where instruments amalgamate with electronic production to become silid rhythms. An extra spark come from its lyrics, outtakes from an old Persian poem from the well known poet Rumi, who speaks of true happiness in love here performed by Ghazal Shakeri from an original recording made by renownew French composer Armand Amar.

Julien Auger Aka Pépé Bradock is a widely respected producer best known for his anthemic releases on French label Kif Recordings which are still sampled heavily to this day. As a DJ, he has spun in almost every major club in the world and is known for his versatile and mesmerizing style. Bradock conjures a trippy remix and dub version of Man O To and fitting ode to the original.

Be Svendsen Aka Lasse Bruhn Svendsen broke throught into the international scene in 2014 with a series of productions and enchanting live performance at some of the most avand garde place to play on the earth, such as BOOM festival, Fusion, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent and AfrikaBurn.' "Man O To" is a track that has touched the hearts of many, including my own,' Svendsen explained. 'being asked to add a new chapter to its story is both an honor and my greatest challenge to date'.

1. Man O To
2. Man O To (Pépé Bradock Remix)
3. Man O To (Pépé Bradock Dub)
4. Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix)
5. Man O To (Radio Edit)
6. Man O To (Be Svenden Radio Edit)

Released: 24/02/2017
Cat #: CRM175 / CRM175 (1)
Distribution: Above Board


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