lundi 9 mai 2016

Taster Peter - LFO Shit EP (RBL036)

Making his Rebellion debut with an electric three track release is Italian Taster Peter. For the lovers of all things modular, the latest EP on the Crosstown Rebels off-shot is nothing short of a techno dream.

Talking about 'LFO Shit' and 'Run All Night', Peter had the goal to 'smash some LFOs into my music, because I've always been in love with that type of modular sounds. I wanted to create two different tracks but with similar elements, trying to compare the modern and the vintage. 'LFO Shit' is a strictly modern track, with a LFO solo in it. 'Run All Night' features a pushing groove from the late '70s, combined with LFO sounds and big alarms of the old school techno music'. Concluding the EP and taking the listener in a different direction is 'Autunna' which Peter created for that moment when all you can do is close your eyes, and disappear into the darkness of the night.

From an early age, Taster Peter immersed himself in music and learned to play the violin, double bass, guitar, drums and percs. The former drummer of the band Tasters he was able to tour the world and release two albums, whilst learning how to create a memorable performance. His musical journey has led him to producing electronic music with releases on Truesoul, Trapez, Highgrade Records and Tronic Music among others, and more recently starting his own label Extravaganza Records.

1. LFO Shit
2. Run All Night
3. Autunna

Released: 17/06/2016
Cat#: RBL036

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