mercredi 27 janvier 2016

Alex Dimou Feat. Black Soda - This Time (RBL033)

Alex Dimou teams up with Black Soda, a multi-platform artist based in Cape Town to produce the mesmerizing 'This Time', set with two dOP remixes for Crosstown Rebels's Rebellion.

South Africa's Black Soda works in photography, writes, sings, produces and performs her music live, both as a solo artist and in various groups. "I met Black Soda almost a year ago through our mutual friend, Echonomist" explains Dimou. "It was probably the easiest collaboration I have ever done as she is a pure talent". Her voice elevates 'This Time' from club weapon to raw ammunition for the highest peaks of the nights.

Notorious French trio dOP bring a delicate sensuality to their 'Early Remix', while the 'Late Dub' sparks with an other-worldly, futuristic aura. Their infamous live show catapulted them to the mainstream and saw them return to the year end charts in the likes of Resident Advisor and Groove, but dOP first cemented their reputation as producers taking their own distinct vision to dance music.

Familiar for releases and albums on Get Physical, Klik and Audiomatique Recordings, Alex Dimou is followed for his stand out lives acts and DJ sets. His first contribution to Damian Lazarus's Rebellion introduces a stunning partnership and more than one promising talent.

1. This Time
2. This Time (dOP 'Early' Remix)
3. This Time (dOP 'Late' Dub)

Released: 11/03/2016
Cat#: RBL033
Distribution: Above Board

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