mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Aphrohead - Resurrection (CRMCD031)

Early nineties techno hero Aphrohead announces his 'Resurrection' with an innovative new album for Crosstown Rebels.

A musical eccentric, prolific US DJ and producer Felix Stallings AKA Aphrohead/Felix Da Housecat has never been afraid to take risks and break new ground, consistently captivating the electronic music field for over two decades. He first burst onto the club scene in 1993 as Aphrohead with the timeless classic 'In Thee Dark We Live' which was licensed countless times and is benchmarked as one of the greatest techno records of all time.

Taking an interstellar loop between the beats of techno and warmth of electro, 'Resurrection' is a playful psychedelic cocktail of synths and languid beats. 'I missed making techno and Chicago jackin' beats' explains Felix of the new project, 'I call this sound I'm working on Train Music because once it's on thee groove, I like it to remain on tracks, no breaks no gimmicks just straight driving force.'

The first half of the album, featuring title track, 'Klymaxx' and 'Come To Me' is an escort to higher plains, pleasing fans of Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder. Before the previously released single 'Let's Prance' brings its futuristic tremors shifting the album into a new gear. The second part of the album brings a long-anticipated eruption, starting with the sinister sneer of 'Elevator' and the bohemian cries of 'Grown Man Cry', also previously released on Crosstown Rebels to great acclaim.

The games commence for '1KING 1QUEEN', taking it tortuous acid frequencies into the closing moments of 'Medusa' and 'Sashe Sashe Sashe'. This is where the Aphrohead of old resides, bringing down the roots of the system and creating a new set of rules. 'I was inspired by Chicago Trax Label, Dance Mania and Transmat labels as well as Axis (Jeff Mill's early imprint), Stallings says of Resurrection, 'Aphrohead is my dirty of thee dirty, mixing live analogue beats capturing thee magic recording on the first take, rockin 4 walls of thee most primitive dancefloors around thee globe. Pure underground, no filter. I feel and believe thee time is NOW for thee Resurrection'.

Aphrohead created a precedent in 90's techno on halcyon labels Bush, Global Cuts, Power Music, Thee Black Label & Radical fear. His Felix Da Housecat alias went on to form the epicentre of the electro-clash scene and it was through this alias his friendship began with Crosstown rebels pioneer Damian Lazarus, then at City Rockers. Stallings has remixed some of the biggest selling artists of the past few decades including Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna and Gwen Stefani.

Crosstown Rebels started their mission in 2003 powered by a modern electronic canon spearheaded by Damian Lazarus. The label has inspired countless unforgettable dance floor moments and nurtured many universally adored music makers including Jamie Jones and Art Department. Soon to be entering its twelfth year at the forefront of future-moving dance music, Crosstown Rebels remains the electronic pioneering force of the past decade. With recent artist album from Lazarus himself, retro-futurist Citizenn and Skream on the horizon, Aphrohead will be the triumphant finale of an electric hat trick for 2015 on the seminal imprint.

1. Resurrection
2. KlymaXXX
3. Come To Me
4. Let's Prance
5. Elevator (I'll Take The Stairs)
6. Grown Man Cry
8. Medusa
9. Front To Backk
10. Sashe Sashe Sashe

Cat #: CRMCD031
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board
Released: 25/09/2015

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