dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Pezzner & Amina - Exit (CRM120)

Up next on the decade strong Crosstown Rebels is class live act Pezzner who joins forces on ‘Exit’ with vocalist and co-producer Amina. ‘Exit’ is a charged and emotional journey with a edge of darkness, where the power of raw electronics meets the mystical and sultry tones of Amina’s incredible Bjork-esque voice. ‘Pipes’ sees Pezzner go it alone with a mixture of organic sounds and shakers wrapped up in one hypnotic groove as mellow dubby textures flow into fluid, abstract melodies. Continuing Crosstown’s tradition for head-turning remixers, up steps Hotflush boss and dubstep pioneer turned master of versatility,  Scuba. Delivering his take on ‘Exit’ with elastic bass and an expanding soundbed of jarring chords and alternating synth lines, the result is a suspense filled and soaring sonic ride.

Seattle’s Dave Pezzner wants to tell stories and feed the brain with his dancefloor focused productions and this mantra is finely displayed here as well as on previous album works, ‘The Tracks Are Alive’ (Freerange Records, 2010) and ‘Last Night In Utopia’ (Systematic Recordings, 2013) and EPs for Crosstown Rebels off-shoot Rebellion, Dirtybird, Ovum and Anjunadeep. Highly regarded across the board as a producer and live act, his work has been described as “lush and tense with a transcendental twist” and his live shows and DJ sets have moved the dance floors of some of the most renowned venues including Space Ibiza, Rex Club in Paris, Womb Tokyo, Fabric London, Cielo New York, and Chicago’s famed Smartbar.

Amina is an Italian Egyptian heir to a mystical culture she grew up through the memories left by her mother, a musician and composer, and the exploration of multiple instruments and later an obsession with poetry. Fate led her to meet Dave Pezzner in 2011 and this gave rise to a passion project that fused Amina’s poems with a collaborative mix of eclectic and harmonic sounds that brought Amina’s lyrics and voice alive within Pezzer’s three-dimensional sonic imagery, full of tension and transmission…

Scuba needs little or no introduction. As the head of Hotflush Recordings, one of the most illustrious and genre-bending labels of our times and with a history steeped in the UK dubstep scene, Paul Rose aka Scuba and SCB has been residing in Berlin since 2008 and is now a future-facing figurehead in electronic music with a sonic style reaching far beyond his dubstep roots.

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM120
  • Web: www.crosstownrebels.com
  • Distribution: !K7 / Above Board
  • Released: Mon Feb 3rd, 2014


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