jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Aidan Lavelle - Get Yourself EP (RBL013)

Back once again on Crosstown’s wayward younger brother Rebellion, Aidan Lavelle delivers another three superb cuts of timeless dance music featuring his own haunting live vocals and epic tribal grooves – a hybrid of techno & house styles with deep and moody undertones.
Title track ‘Get Yourself’, finally unleashed after getting hammered by Damian Lazarus in recent sets, builds with solid claps and humming bass tones leading up to a break where Aidan’s pitched down vocal winds its dark path into the mix along with the murky bassline and off-key echoing bleeps and chimes. A master of sonic layers, Aidan sets the tone of the EP here with striking lyrics, chugging groove and sharp shooting synths.
Flip over to the B-side and you have two more worthy lead tracks. ‘Abyss’ is a more urgent floor burner with plenty of tension and mood, swirling, spooky overlapping melodies and the effect of spiraling into darkness. ‘Unreal’ is another bomb with momentous dancefloor potential exuding from the main riff of off-kilter chimes, weaved into epic synths and punching through the solid groove. Aidan’s gothic voice remains a beguiling force.
Prolific composer and producer, Aidan Lavelle (brother to James) has worked with a number of world-class artists including U.N.K.K.L.E Gorillaz, Ian Brown, Queens Of The Stone Age and Massive Attack. Having since built up an illustrious body of work in television and film music, debut solo release on Rebellion ‘Tinnitus EP’ back in May firmly marked Aidan’s return to underground dance music. The ‘Get Yourself EP’ is further evidence of the solo producer’s magnanimous style.
  • Label: RebelLION
  • Cat no: RBL013
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Dec 17th, 2012


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