jeudi 4 octobre 2012

Francesca Lombardo - Eyes Of Nature (RBL012)

After her incredible ‘Changes EP’ on Crosstown Rebels earlier this year, new lady of house Francesca Lombardo continues to impress this time through the Rebellion arm of the enterprise with her ‘Eyes of Nature EP’.
´Eyes´ is first up and opens with a slick percussive grove characterised by lots of organic elements coalescing to paint a mesmerising, ritualistic picture. Bells, shakers and cymbals rattle and echo while deep haunting synths climb and fall to create a real sense of drama. Francesca utilises her vocal training to devastating effect intermittently throughout the track, panning her own heavily FX´d vocals across the mix adding further to the suspense.
On the flip vocal stabs and a tabla drum riff set the tone on ´Wander and Wonder´, before an infectious woodblock melody signals the arrival of a huge baseline taking this one straight to the dance-floor. The full potential of the track is released with the introduction of Julien Riachi´s hypnotic vocals, which are sure to prompt a few ´hands in the air´ moments. Exquisite production skills see that the track continuously evolves sonically and elementally, whilst Lombardo´s classically trained ear ensures that the vast array of musical elements on display make perfect sense.
We wait in excitement for the forthcoming album to be released next year on Crosstown Rebels.

  • Label: RebelLION
  • Cat no: RBL012
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Nov 5th, 2012


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