vendredi 31 août 2012

Enki - Tim Burton Abduction (RBL011)

The clue is in the title for debut release from new Rebellion signing Enki. A double odyssey of spiraling trippy grooves, ‘Tim Burton Abduction’ is all spooky FX, organs and dense rolling percussion and both tracks have been going down a storm on Rebel dancefloors this summer.
A self-professed master of magic and exorcism, French born Enki is certainly a young talent with a distinctively dreamlike quality to his music. Seemingly unperturbed or influenced by the current populist dancefloor, Rebellion has found a perfect contributor to its off-centre catalogue of cavernous late night sounds as Enki offers up his debut and what he calls “Alien House and Cosmic Techno”, conceived to make people dance naked under the full moon.
A-side ‘Tim Burton Abduction’ is a treat for the senses – a purely hypnotic groove that unravels and builds in a glitchy outer space framework of chimes, claps, bells and bleeps. As the gentle kick enters the mix, the grip of the groove is tighter still as the sci-fi FX and abstract organ melodies merge with the intricate percussive patterns.
On the flip, ‘From Another Planet’ weaves strange melodies in another spellbinding setting. Big on atmosphere and rhythm, the sub bass creeps in and takes the tracker to a deeper place as soaring electronic harps and abstract keys work into the fluid ethereal groove and the drama builds.
Off-kilter, dark and absorbing, Enki’s debut is another reason to watch the French underground and a fine example of Rebellion’s leftfield imagination.
  • Label: RebelLION
  • Cat no: RBL011
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Oct 8th, 2012


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