jeudi 31 mai 2012

Dachshund & Quenum - The Mammoth EP (RBL009)

For the next release, Crosstown Rebels offshoot RebelLion have snapped up the combined talent of Dachshund & Quenum with their tribal two-tracker, ‘The Mammoth EP’.
As colossal as it’s name would suggest title track ‘The Mammoth’ is a guaranteed summer hit, filled with bouncing Bongo percussions, subtle samba shakes and deep piano keys; epic waves of warping synths soon creep in to electrify the senses and engulf the mind! On the flip ‘Lipstick’ is awash with warm melodic keys as deep pads grumble across the bottom layers and a crisp raw kick drives the pace. A dramatic rising hiss provides a powerful build, dropping with seductive vocal snippets and real dancefloor drive.
Switzerlands finest Philippe Quenum and Dachshund are friends, studio partners and co-founders of Clapper records. Long-time player Quenum holds an extensive record to say the least, having founded Access 58 in London with Paulo Nascimento and Cadenza with Luciano, together with Luciano he composed the first release on Cadenza, ‘Orange Mistake’ - one of the most successful techno tracks of the decade. In all, Quenum has released over 60 records on various labels including Crosstown Rebels, Thema, Cadenza, Systematic, Soma, Trapez and Contexterrior. Dachshund’s musical roots originate in Dub, which can clearly be seen in some of productions today. Broadening his musical range, he began to explore the realms of electronic music and has released on labels such as Contexterrior and Num Records with remixes for labels such as Trapez, Systematic and Vitalik Recordings.

  • Label: RebelLION
  • Cat no: RBL009
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board
  • Released: Mon Jun 25th, 2012


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