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Crosstown Rebels iconic catalogue knows no bounds and without relenting for a moment, the label now bestows the next masterful creation from none other than Mathew Jonson. ‘Dayz’ is a trip down epic electronic pathways; tunnelling deep bass atmospherics and closing with a heavy-duty rework by bass don DBridge.
It is with immense pleasure that Damian Lazarus has bagged Mathew Jonson, one of his all time favourite producers to deliver a full solo release for Rebels after he provided the astounding, genre-busting remix to Hiem´s ‘She’s The One’ back in 2004. A-side ‘Dayz’ is classic Jonson. Meandering, modulated synth lines build into an epic electronic orchestra of warm fuzzy strings and ambient melody all padded with an intricate carpeting of shimmering percussion and molten bleeps. Intricate digressions keep the listener rapt but for all the complexity of ‘Dayz’, Jonson creates a theme that is beautifully simple. It’s impossible not to be swept away on his sonic wave.
B-Side ‘Cold Blooded’ has a stomping bass beat and funk strutting bassline punching through the spacey sequencing and swirling synth strokes. Resounding sub-bass darkens the mood, engulfing the backdrop of rhythmic drumming; this is a real heads down warehouse masterpiece that will hypnotise the crowd.
Drum and bass pioneer DBridge was a mutual choice of remixer for Lazarus and Jonson both being huge drum and bass fans back in the day. Dbridge is now known for his excursions in hip-hop and electronic dubstep and here, the London born producer transforms ‘Cold Blooded’ into a deep and languorous trip into dubby 2-step terrain. The mood is soporific and heavy with the spiralling motif of the melody whistling through the misty atmospherics. Whispered vocals add to the spookiness but the overall sound is full of 90s tripped out nostalgia.
Mathew Jonson needs little introduction. A legend with one of the most distinctive voices in the industry, whose made forays into jazz, house, fusion, techno and all aspects of electronic music, the Canadian born, Berlin based producer epitomises refined musicianship, stylistic innovation and artistry. Co-founding the Wagon Repair label and participating in the Modern Deep Left Quartet and Cobblestone Jazz, Jonson is responsible for some game-changing tracks including ‘Marionette’, ‘Symphony for the Apocalypse’ and most recently, the revered come back ‘Learning To Fly’ on m_nus. Jonson is still proving he’s in a class of his own.

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM085
  • Web:
  • Distribution: Above Board Distribution
  • Released: Mon Nov 7th, 2011
  • Link to the tracks

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