dimanche 11 septembre 2011


Crosstown Rebels turn up the heat with Luca Bacchetti’s sensational ‘Tango’, a record setting dancefloors ablaze with its raw passion and drive, presented here with an inspired ‘Voodoo Remix’ from Venezuelan producer Eduardo Castillo.
Luca Bacchetti is without doubt one of the best-known Italian DJ/producers on the global scene. His productions are a window to his soul and his extensive musical background has informed an ambitious and inventive style. With quality output on key labels Ovum, Wagon Repair, Hideout, and now Crosstown Rebels, the emphasis is always on creativity and pushing the envelope. ‘Tango’ comes at a crucial phase of personal and artistic development. It highlights a longing for the element of surprise in music and the need to convey that essential ingredient, passion.
As an Italian, Luca has always felt a particular closeness with South America and the passionate disposition embedded in the culture is part of that bond. It´s the connection between Victor Hugo Morales, Juan Gelman, Diego Armando Maradona, and the Tango: passion, imagination, elegance, emotion, energy. These qualities are also the essence of a Bacchetti production.
As Luca puts it, "Over the last year I was getting bored with a lot of what I was hearing, the blandness was making me uncomfortable so I began to feel the need to break away, travel, and find a way to look inside and reach back to my roots, to something passionate. The music scene is like the thermometer of society at large and the Tango in particular has always fascinated me with its sensuality and energy".
The original ‘Tango’ is indeed a sensual yet playful ride. Textured with propulsive rhythms, a teasing b-line, haunting melodies, trembling keys and traditional percussive flair, ‘Tango’ is lighting up dancefloors at the hands of label boss Damian Lazarus and is sure to captivate all with its Latin-inspired grooves and sexy, driving kick. LA based Eduardo Castillo delivers an ingenious interpretation in the aptly named ‘Voodoo Remix’ at first stripping down the groove then fanning the flames with emotive strings, the snake-charming effect of his own authentic voice echoing throughout. Seduction incarnate and a worthy contender for Crosstown track of the year.

  • Label: Crosstown Rebels
  • Cat no: CRM084
  • Web: www.crosstownrebels.com
  • Distribution: Above Board Distribution
  • Released: Mon Oct 24th, 2011
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