lundi 22 août 2011



Crosstown Rebels get set to unleash one of the year’s most highly anticipated records ‘Can’t Leave You’, from one of the biggest stars of 2011, Maceo Plex. The flawless ‘Sweating Tears EP’, is a three tiered dancefloor delight – taking you from anthemic disco-house gold to the dark and driving Tale Of Us remix.
Eric Estornel aka Maceo Plex has performed some kind of phenomenon in the relatively short time he’s been on the radar of everyman and his dog. From his cloaked techno beginnings to ‘Vibe Your Love’ and ‘Life Index’ (Crosstown Rebels) – one of house music’s most talked about albums of the year so far, Maceo Plex in live mode is seducing the masses with his aural Prozac – an innate blend of sun-kissed soul and vibrant disco house.
‘Can’t Leave You’ is without doubt a smash record of epic proportions. Already winning over legions of fans after its outings at some of the world’s biggest dance events over the last few months, the demand for this record is now reaching fever pitch. ‘Can’t Leave You’ is Maceo Plex truly arriving at his signature sound. Eric’s fusion of lush instrumentals and disco bounce with a darker vein of rumbling bass – along with funky hand-claps and guitars and lively synth lines, amounts to an irresistible concoction of immaculately produced dancefloor disorder.
B-Side ‘Stop Your Hate’ is going to be a fellow summer terrace favourite with an epic build and disco breakdown that showcases Maceo Plex at the peak of his technical prowess. Just as stomping as ‘Can’t Leave You’ but with a murkier quality ‘Stop Your Hate’ is Maceo flexing his interplanetary funk muscle while delivering an affirmative message to the party crowd.
Berlin-based wonders, Tale Of Us, appear to be on top of everyone’s list of remix artists and for good reason. As well as delivering their magnetic blend of forward-thinking groove music on the ‘Dark Song EP’ for Visionquest, garnering the Italian duo over-night kudos from those in the know, Tale Of Us sure know how to make a outsider’s track their own (think Thugfucker’s ‘Disco Gnome’/ Who Made Who’s ‘Every Minute Alone’). Transforming ‘Can’t Leave You’ into a deep and moody groover, their remix is driven by a lover’s lament and awash with sinister synths stabs and rolling percs.

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