lundi 11 juillet 2011


In the beginning we had Lazarus & Styles. The second coming was Jamie Jones. Now the Rebels invite Dinky to guide us in to the unknown.

In the current digital world we live in that´s overpopulated with DJ mixes and newcomers, it´s the one´s with concept, class, precision and originality that stand out. Dinky is a women that ticks each of those four boxes with an ease that´s both enviable and incredibly exciting.

A former professional dancer and choreographer, Chilean born Dinky (aka Alejandra Iglesias) is no stranger to rhythm, sound and performance. A lover of all styles of music, as a teenager she grew up listening to Depeche Mode, Prince and The Cramps and then during the mid-nineties got introduced to electronic music thanks to her sister who was based in Berlin. Plastikman, Aphex Twin and Carl Craig where the first ones to fill her record collection, in fact like many others, they still do! Around 1994 Dinky met Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack, Luciano and many other musicians that were somehow related to Chile and she soon forged great relationships with her countrymen, helping to push a new breed of dance music and flair.

After various inspirational visits to Berlin throughout the 90´s, Dinky moved from Santiago Chile to Manhatten to join the Martha Graham School of contemporary dance and at the same time immerse herself in the American House and Detroit Techno scenes. Soon Traum Schaallplatten picked up on Dinky´s natural talent and she started her recording career, successfully releasing numerous singles and a full solo artist album. New York was great to Dinky and with her monthly party (which she co-ran with Magda) she formed a reputation as one of the most popular female DJs in NYC. Forced to leave the US due to post Sept 11th new visa regulations, she relocated to Berlin and in 2005 had a massive hit with ´Acid In My Fridge´ on Sven Vath´s Cocoon imprint. Now a regular for Cocoon and Circoloco as a DJ, she also holds a residency at the world famous Panorama Bar in Berlin and recently founded her already heavily praised label Horizontal.

To put it short, Dinky is THE girl. With this wonderfully deep and thoughtful take on the Get Lost series and the fact she´s putting the finishing touches to her 3rd artist album for Crosstown Rebels, she´s now a fully paid up member of the Rebel alliance. The electronic world is her oyster and with plans in place for 2008 to do live shows, it´s safe to say that there´s a lot more to come from the one they call Dinky.

01. Dinky – Lost In The Forest
02. Dinky – Horizontal
03. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Salerilipopette (Matt John Remix)
04. Dan Berkson – The Hollow
05. Audio Soul Project – Community (Peace Division Remix)
06. Gowentgone – One Of These Fusche
07. Innersphere – Phunk (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
08. The Mountain People – Mountain People 003
09. Tom Tom Groove – Mr Funkman
10. Matt O’Brien – No Reason
11. Samuel L. Session – The Stick Up (SLS Mix 2)
12. Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance
13. Dennis Ferrer – Son Of Raw (Loco Dice Mix)
14. Chic Miniature – Kimono
15. Chica & The Folder – Souffle (Sonja Moonear Dans Ma Casbah Mix)
16. Cassy – Toya
17. Paulo Olarte – Solu Tu (Isolee Remix)
18. Matthew Styles – Double Exposure
19. Dinky – She

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