vendredi 29 juillet 2011



Damian Lazarus finally imparts his own musical overtones for his mothership Crosstown Rebels with a special two-part EP ‘Different Now’ on limited edition 500 only coloured, hand stamped vinyl, featuring remixes from men of the moment Art Department, enigmatic genius Portable AKA Bodycode and up-and-comer Dead Seal.
You might call Damian Lazarus a godfather to a new generation of artists currently sweeping the planet, a caped crusader on a quest to banish the mundane and ordinary in dance music with an ardent ear for the ‘next big thing’. Here the DJ, turned label owner, delivers an absorbing insight into the ever-evolving mind of the musician in a typically experimental package that showcases Damian’s own raw vox and an array of remix talent that get inside the track and blast the parts into their own stratospheres.
In Part One, the A side and original mix of ‘Different Now’ is unadulterated Lazarus and the fruits of a solitary lock-in at his LA studio. A first time solo production after the critically acclaimed 2009 album ‘Smoke The Monster Out’ on Get Physical, which was a meeting of minds with Lazarus at the helm. The result is a dark, bubbling affair with a deliciously brooding bassline, futuristic deep bleeps and a dextrously padded gothic terrain of spaced out weirdness. Damian’s own stark appeal to an ill-fated love adds rugged texture and heart. Art Department answer their inevitable calling to apply their vision on the B side, lending their signature jagged synths, futuristic bleeps and rattling kick grooves in a spine-tingling remix. Lazarus was instrumental in putting together the duo of Canadian originators Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White and is about to unleash their monster debut album ‘The Drawing Board’ on the baying public.
Part Two gets off to a glittering start with Portable AKA Bodycode’s metallic framework of effervescing glitchy FX, futuristic beats for the body and wisps of melody for the soul. This is ultra deep rolling tech funk at its finest. Having long admired the producer, Lazarus harboured dreams of making an honourary Rebel out of him and it’s been realised in the shining context of ‘Different Now’. Next up Lazarus introduces hot new San Fran based talent Deal Seal. His rework of ‘Different Now’ is a rumbling journey of built up tension and release with a delicately tribal drive that pulses with percussive energy and sci-fi synths over the menacing bassline. Damian Lazarus has chosen this moment to join Crosstown Rebel’s illustrious back catalogue by presenting his most personal work to date.

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