lundi 11 juillet 2011


After the success of singles ‘Yeah’ and ‘The L Word’ on Crosstown Rebels Deniz Kurtel’s debut album ‘Music Watching Over Me’ is already regarded in much eager anticipation. One of the core members of the Wolf + Lamb family and a conceptual artist and sculptor in her own right, Deniz is also a highly innovative amazing producer and her debut album is tantamount to this fact, it’s truly stunning. She is one the new breed of female dance producers that are really giving the traditionally male dominated world a run for their money. Deniz has a concrete craft and understanding of rhythm throughout this dreamlike album. She easily steps from ghostly dubstep (‘Trust’) to rock-infused electro (‘Vagabond’), to enchanting dancefloor weapons of ‘Best Of’ and ‘The L Word’, thrilling for their simplicity as much as their fairy-tale vocals. At times Deniz showers us in sounds overpowering the senses (‘Equlibrium’) and others she strips back to bear the soul of the music (‘One Chance of Happiness’), consistently crafting a strong emotional current leaving you powerless but to surrender to its aural pleasures. Deniz has worked with several notable vocalists on this album, from Jada (Defected) to Guests of Nature. She has also been extensively touring the ablum and playing live with the LED instillation light show display on the Rebel Rave tours.

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